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I am 37 years old and am 6'5'and have been riding since the late 80's early 90's till present, I have rode many boards and mini logo have been the best board for me because of the sizes you offer,no matter if I am street skating,park,or my half pipe same quilty ever time. Now my kids are also skating and the are on mini logos thanks.

— tony Mckee

I'm 34 yrs old and i never stopped skating since the 80's and 90's and mini logos are the best wheels i ever had. Sure the price is cheap but they LAST long. I haven't yet tried the new wheels they have now. Skateboarding has expanded a lot over the years. Mini Logo provides precise specifications on these wheels and it helps every skater to see the size of the middle of the wheel on their website. I'm so glad they do that because most local or global skateshop websites never SHOW the side of the wheels yet the size of the wheel and it's rating. Mini Logos is a great company!

— Derek “pcnuttie”, Self Employed

What's up folks? Longtime Powell-Peralta/Bones supporter,over 25 years skating! I'm really hyped on your Militant theme aswell as your gear! In the future,i'm gonna try a mini logo deck out,maybe roll a second set up for skating. I still love my Powell-Peralta's, especially proseries. But i only use mini-logo grip & hardware. I have compared it to black magic, jessup,mob grip,skatejunk lol! But mini-logo stays newer & crispier then ALL others! I'm curious, will the new ML trucks be Bones bushings compatable? Saw a sneak peek of a militant beanie(orange) on facebook, when will they be available & any other colors choices? How about some Militant t-shirts? I'd LOVE to buy a few!!! PLEASE answer back ASAP, I'd love to show my support!! I'm sending in some cash as of this evening for more militant stickers!! Rock it & shred it 4ever & thanks for your time, STACY!! P.S.- Daniel & Kam seriously rock for skateone

— Stacy Rogers

Your boards are high quality and inexpensive. I have been rocking a red MiniLogo deck with some thunder trucks, iron horse hardware, lucky bearings,and MiniLogo wheels. I skate all the time and have convinced a few skaters to pick up one. Great products guys!

— Nick Blake

I have had a minilogo for two years now. In fact, six of them. Me and couple of my friends started skateboarding like 3 years ago. At start we had all kinds of boards. Then I bought my first minilogo... after that, we have only used minilogos :)

— Juho Heikkinen

hey mini logo I just wanted to say your boards are the best, their super light,strong, and perfect for street skating. plus they are super cheap and you dont have to worry about getting a expensive brand board at zumiez or your local shop.

— Juan trujillo

ive been in love with mini logo for many years. they are the best decks i have ever ridden. they are the best priced boards on the market today hands down. ill trying to talk all my friends to those who care.

— houla “hoopie” leax

i bought a mini logo more than a month ago and the darn thing is still going strong. quality wood at a quality price for sure. i will definitely consider telling everyone i know about this amazing product. thanks cinco!

— cameron “the fisherman” Zvejnieks

Been thrashing a green mini logo size'8 , all I can say is i have never owed a board with such a consistent smooth feel loads of pop had it six months now and cannot fault it been skating it with diamond griptape, blue tensor mag trucks, risers, element ceramic bearings rolling on enuff core lights. Best set up iv had in a time all thanks to mini logo :D thanks guys, I will buying your products very soon ;) and still haven't seen anyone else with one bonus to those that care :p peace x

— James “Kickflip” Pethybridge, ASC

i got a Mini logo as my first board i have been hard on it. it has flown of the side of half pipes countless times when i fall and has yet to chip i have been riding it for 3 months now.

— Jordan

i have a mini logo 7.5 deck and i love it

— matthew “matt”

hey i just wanted to tell you guys whoever runs mini logo that youguys are great! makin good boards under the same roof as other amazing top skatebrands. i used to ride these when i was 8 all the time and they'd last me three months instead of one and a half evertime i'm short on cash and i want a killer board i always hitch a ride over to zumiez and pick up a mini.keep up the awsome work and it would be pretty sick for you guys to buy the ligament technology rights from powell now that they're retired, and make even stronger yet lighter boards!.oh and i'd like to see a team arise from you guys that would be sick having am's and pro's repn' mini-logo

— Ryan “Rusty” Taylor, GrindForLifeHelping people with cancer

Seriously the best decks I've ever skated. Amazing pop, very durable, they're inexpensive. I love Mini Logo.

— William

I skated with various boards from pretty much every mainstream company. These boards might feel slightly heavier than some but do not let that fool you they make up in ever aspect possible especially pop and durability. I started buying them because times were hard" now i won't skate on any another."

— November

Mini Logos are amazing, for the cheap price its an amazing board, I've had lots of boards and Mini Logos are better than the ones that costed over 100 dollars. The pop is sweet and the sizes.

— Chad “Pursey” Murphy

ML are awesome they have great pop i have had 23 already :)

— Steven “Steve-o” Sutton

Mini logos are awesome! I had 2 of them for months and they were really awesome! They dont break easily, worlds finest!

— Sebastian “Sebastian”

i love your boards at first i thought they didnt look good because they were just blank but i bought one its pop is amazing and a good board for stickers now every time i go to zumiez i already know what board im getting thank you ML

— DeVario “DEVO” Bogenholm

I ONLY use Mini Logo decks. They're great! The colours are nice, the the price is amazing and the pop is great!

— Owen

I bought a red deck at a local shop(wish they had the blue or black one) in november and im still riding a great bored in the end of july. never had a problem with the board. definatly would buy another for such a great price. it definatly was worth it!

— joe

Items 61-80 of 415

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