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Been thrashing a green mini logo size'8 , all I can say is i have never owed a board with such a consistent smooth feel loads of pop had it six months now and cannot fault it been skating it with diamond griptape, blue tensor mag trucks, risers, element ceramic bearings rolling on enuff core lights. Best set up iv had in a time all thanks to mini logo :D thanks guys, I will buying your products very soon ;) and still haven't seen anyone else with one bonus to those that care :p peace x

— James “Kickflip” Pethybridge, ASC

i got a Mini logo as my first board i have been hard on it. it has flown of the side of half pipes countless times when i fall and has yet to chip i have been riding it for 3 months now.

— Jordan

i have a mini logo 7.5 deck and i love it

— matthew “matt”

hey i just wanted to tell you guys whoever runs mini logo that youguys are great! makin good boards under the same roof as other amazing top skatebrands. i used to ride these when i was 8 all the time and they'd last me three months instead of one and a half evertime i'm short on cash and i want a killer board i always hitch a ride over to zumiez and pick up a mini.keep up the awsome work and it would be pretty sick for you guys to buy the ligament technology rights from powell now that they're retired, and make even stronger yet lighter boards!.oh and i'd like to see a team arise from you guys that would be sick having am's and pro's repn' mini-logo

— Ryan “Rusty” Taylor, GrindForLifeHelping people with cancer

Seriously the best decks I've ever skated. Amazing pop, very durable, they're inexpensive. I love Mini Logo.

— William

I skated with various boards from pretty much every mainstream company. These boards might feel slightly heavier than some but do not let that fool you they make up in ever aspect possible especially pop and durability. I started buying them because times were hard" now i won't skate on any another."

— November

Mini Logos are amazing, for the cheap price its an amazing board, I've had lots of boards and Mini Logos are better than the ones that costed over 100 dollars. The pop is sweet and the sizes.

— Chad “Pursey” Murphy

ML are awesome they have great pop i have had 23 already :)

— Steven “Steve-o” Sutton

Mini logos are awesome! I had 2 of them for months and they were really awesome! They dont break easily, worlds finest!

— Sebastian “Sebastian”

i love your boards at first i thought they didnt look good because they were just blank but i bought one its pop is amazing and a good board for stickers now every time i go to zumiez i already know what board im getting thank you ML

— DeVario “DEVO” Bogenholm

I ONLY use Mini Logo decks. They're great! The colours are nice, the the price is amazing and the pop is great!

— Owen

I bought a red deck at a local shop(wish they had the blue or black one) in november and im still riding a great bored in the end of july. never had a problem with the board. definatly would buy another for such a great price. it definatly was worth it!

— joe

Yo guys. Just wanted to tell my story about how your board literally saved my life. I was walking home after a long day of skating with one of my buddys and we planned to cross a pretty busy road to get home faster (not the best idea but we did it anyway.) As we started to cross i was hit by a four door Cadillac going about 40 mph. The mini logo i was carrying broke the windshield of the car followed by my head knocking me out. I was flown to children's hospital in Philadelphia. The doctors said if i wasn't carrying the board i would of died from the trauma. So thanks for making such a great board! There the only boards I ride and I love them!

— Mike lee

i got a mini logo today and it has great pop! my new ml is the best board ive ever skated and for only 30 bucks thats all im ever gonna skate

— sean “the skate kinggg”

mini logos are the the best boards out and have the maddest kick

— Vaughan “Crankenstien” Read

I just got a minilogo a week ago. My other boards were chipped as anything and had barely any pop. This board holds in amazingly, and the pop is gorgeous. The concave is insane and my flips are so much better haha. i love minilogo.

— Edward “Eddie” Scheindlin

i just got my purple 7.5 mini-logo yesterday i love it it does got a great pop to it i can ollie higher.

— josh malone

yo! love the decks! best board ive ever had! SKILL LEVEL IS ADVANCED.

— alex “tre bomber” jonte

i always loved skateone products especially minilogo's line. i own my own deck company since 1998 and when things are tough and we don't have decks for one season we turn to minilogos. they skate exactly the same as our decks and last just as long if not longer. we love em. keep up the good work.

— adam “DAMAGED” singer, DAMAGED Skateboards

I'm super down with mini logo's and have been for years now. I use a 7.625 X 31.625. (not the same deck of course) and i cant see myself changing brands anytime soon. The quality and value of mini logos are just too good. My pocket thanks you.

— Derek

Items 61-80 of 407

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