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Love mini logo recommend it to everyone I know that skates last longer has more concave and pop than most major brands at a fraction of the cost

— Jeremy “jerms” collier, shut up and sk8

Just got my first pair of mini logo c cut 52mm wheels and they r so freakin awsome I'm militant for sure... #minilogo #militant

— Eric “bubbies” Gaw

Your a-cut wheels are the best wheels on the market

— Isaac “Mukka Mukka” Biggs, skateboarding

First off I'd like to say thanks, I bought a yellow 8.5 militant deck from a shop near where I live, (I live in Mississippi) and its a really great board at a really great price. I just now started reading up however on the story behind the militant movement and I'd love to help spread that in some of the parks and scenes in Mississippi. I'm not good enough at all to be asking for free gear but I know my way around the parks and can skate pretty good, again I'm not asking for free boards or anything just asking for more information regarding how people are actually spreading the DIY gospel of this movement. I think skateboarding needs this more than any kind contest or comercial and with MS just now getting a good skate scene I think it would be great to instill the original DIY mentality in its growing population.

— Daniel Shawl

mini logos are quality boards for a great price. I've had at least 10 the last year or so and they're definitely as good as any $60 board.

— Julian

These boards have the nicest pop! I got a 8.25 and it feels excellent on my feet

— Josh “Shaggy” Barton

Won a set of C-cut mini wheels and they're pretty dam sweet! Put them on my sons board, and was giving him some pointers at the park, and loved the feel of them, so i put em on my deck!
Killer product!
Many thanks!
S. Tull
Temecula, CA

— Shaun Tull

Been riding these mini-logo decks for over 2 years, over my 6 year skating career I have ridden many different brands. These decks stand out from the pack, with their pop, and longevity. No other board even comes close!

Hope to become a Militant Soldier as soon as possible. My dad Arturo "Old Man" Dominguez also rides Mini Logo boards. We have both been riding them for over 2 years and promote the brand everywhere we go. It's about time that we have a Super Long-Lasting board on the street! We both are looking forward to being Militant Soldiers soon!

— Arturo “"Dee"” Dominguez, Team Twisted Fate

Skated for 8 years in high school and then took a 20 year break (I'm 37 years old now). in 2013 I lost enough weight to finally get back on a board so I pulled out my old Planet Earth Chris Miller and started skating again. Shortly after, that deck was too trashed to ride and it was time for me to find a new deck. I tried several new decks but couldn't find anything that just fit right. I happened into our local skate shop that was moving locations and they had two Minilogo decks (8.5 and an 8.25) on discount so I bought them both. Best decision ever! I settled on the 8.25 as the size was not overly huge but big enough to have some weight under my feet. They have great pop and feel rock solid The concave is awesome and reminds me of the old H-Street Hell Concave. This deck is it for me and I'm totally won over. I just ordered my 2nd 8.25 and plan on dropping a new set of Minilogo trucks on it once the 2014s are out. Thanks Minilogo for creating awesome products at a great price!

— Mike Pugh

Skated from Enjoy to a Powell Peralta and still none of them are as good as the Mini Logos!

— Joshua “Josh” Cuevas

These guys are moving skateboarding forward by making it much easier and cheaper to keep a fresh new deck without dippin' too far into your pocket. Mini Logo has, and will continue to, innovate skating.

— Andrew “sleepy” Hambrick, Waco Texas

First deck I've owned. My 7.75 Deck is still kicking hard. I've skated about everyday, accidentally sent it over 20+ foot drops, learned to ollie and now up to working on kickflips and tre flips. I've only owned it for a month, however there seems to be nothing more than cosmetic scratches and still has incredible pop.

— Joseph Hodge

I got your trucks after reading Johnny Roncis review on Skateboarding Is My Lifetime Sport blog. So far they've been living up to my high expectations. Quick turning an perfect balance. Best trucks I ever had!

— Alf

I have a mini logo it is so f'in awesome MILITANT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— greg “g code” mikhalivich

It my first board but I know it will last for a long time

— Jesus “Tuis” Plascencia

Mini Logo is my #1 Skateboard brand, super cheap and super durable Compared to the other expensive boards. My first mini logo is now 2 years old and still riding like a champ, Mini Logo for life.

— Jesse “Jesse” Hume

I've always wanted a mini logo deck, my bestfriend has had one for almost year now and it's still in great shape. Now that's impressive! I think MINI LOGO have one of the most reliable, long lasting decks out there.

— Eric Arceo

I shred Mini Logo at all my local parks, Im ask daily "what kind of board I skate" since the logo is so mini, nice convo starter.

— Antonio Almeida

I've recently purchased a 7.75" Militant 112 deck, it's green just like my spirit, lol. I really love the shape of the nose it's perfect for my flick and seems to bring the board up to catch-it better than before. I like the price it seemed really fair for the good quality and for the impressive amount of fresh pop I'm getting from it. Matter of fact I emailed Jersey Mike about my opinion, I like to give feedback when I can, and his response and his ability to relate made me that much more proud to call Mini-Logo my brand. For skaters by skaters is how it's gotta be and I know now ML brand is. OneLove now GoSkate!!!

— Ty “Earthchild / OneLove”, Go Sk8 right now !

After reading the review that Johnny has done so expertly at his blog, who could resist trying out Mini Logo Trucks? He has some passion for your product and I am glad he does because after reading his blog these trucks are all I will ever ride. Thanks for putting out such a great product. You have gained a loyal customer from me.

Johnny's review:

— Chris “Kong”

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