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Mini Logo™ Trucks

Mini Logo Trucks

NEW, Mini Logo™ high-performance trucks combine strength, stability and smooth turning all in a lightweight design through the use of premium alloys, high-rebound bushings and precision axles. The MID riding height combines all the best performance aspects of a LOW (best for technical street skating) and HiGH height truck (best for big transition skating) into one bomb-proof package. Developed at Skate One Corp for over 5 years, the shape, materials and finishes have all been refined to make them perfect for MILITANT skaters right from the first grind.

  • No Break In Needed! TURN and GRIND smoothly right out of the package!
  • MiD riding height for the best performance on any terrain you choose to skate
  • Precision, 8mm axles with a slightly curved hanger designed to lock you into grinds
  • Ultra High Rebound URETHANE bushings for smooth, precise control
  • Lightweight hanger and baseplate
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects


Check out what MILITANT RESERVE, Tyler Harker, from AZ had to say…   "With all the trucks I have had in the 7 years I have been skating, I would have to spend close to a week just getting the bushings and trucks where I could skate them comfortably. With Mini Logo trucks, I was able to skate with comfort and ease from day 1! All I can say is from now on the only trucks I will ever want to buy will be these Mini-Logo trucks, purely because of how great they have skated."

And that is just the beginning of the amazing feedback. HUGE Mini Logo and MILITANT supporter, Johnny Ronci, did a complete review on Skateboarding Is My Life Blog!

Thrashed and compared to the premium trucks they had previously been riding, the feedback from the official MILITANTS throughout the U.S. proves Mini Logo trucks are among the lightest, strongest and quickest turning trucks at any cost.

Available in a popular range of sizes, and variety of finishes…skate Mini Logo trucks and GET MILITANT!

Mini Logo Trucks

Mini Logo Truck SizesMini Logo 7.13 TrucksMini Logo 7.63 TrucksMini Logo 8 TrucksMini Logo 8.38 TrucksMini Logo 8.75 Trucks

Mini Logo™ Bushings

Upgrade your trucks with Mini Logo Bushings! These 100% urethane, high-rebound bushings will make your skateboard come alive! Universal fit and sold per truck, Mini Logo Bushings allow you to affordably dial in the turning of your trucks through mix and matching different hardnesses.

  • 100% Urethane
  • Universal Fit
  • Sold per truck (you will need to order 2 sets to cover your entire skateboard)
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Mini Logo™ Deck Construction

Hand made using only the finest materials, Mini Logo™ is the leader of high performance/price point decks in the Industry. Warranted against de-lamination for the useful life of the deck and managed in our Santa Barbara Headquarters, Mini Logo™ utilizes 36+ years of deck building experience and knowledge to truly deliver the best sizes, shapes and POP for less!

ShapeConcaveWidthLengthWheel BaseNoseTail

Each deck is created from 7 plys of hard rock maple, fused in Skate One’s special low stress, AirLam™ presses, with water resistant, high strength glue and sealed against moisture with a lacquer semi-gloss finish. The bottom of Mini Logo™ decks are treated with a multi-layer coating consisting of a wood sealer layer and two full length colored ink layers for longer slides.

  • 7 Plies of Rock Hard Maple
  • Laminated using Skate One's proprietary, low stress, AirLam™ presses
  • Proven Powell Peralta deck construction and concaves
  • 36+ years of skateboarding making knowledge
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects

Mini Logo™ Deck Concaves

This is like our K12 with a shorter wheelbase for smaller skaters.
Maximum wheel base—12.25 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.
A double kick nose with extra deep concave that adds significant stiffness to a deck. This allows us to reduce a K12 deck’s thickness and weight without losing pop and response. It also features a steep, flat nose and tail.
Maximum wheel base—14.50 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.
Consider this an upgrade that replaces the K10 concave. A double kick nose with deeper, smoother concave, longer wheelbase, concave kick on nose and tail and a scoop tail for a more secure foot placement without feeling trapped. A big boy version of the K12 allowing all terrain ripping with the stability of a longer wheelbase. Less wheel bite because the steeper concave goes out to the edge of the board.
Maximum wheel base—15.75" Non symmetrical nose to tail.
Mellow double kick concave with great foot feel between the trucks. The lower nose and tail angles allow for flatter, leveled-out pops, for shove-it and flip tricks. The mellow middle enables you to catch your board with the whole bottom of your foot instead of just your toes and heels, helping to eliminate the flapping that can occur with feet-off-the-board tricks.
Stretched K20 concave to allow for a longer 15” - 15.5” wheelbase.

Mini Logo Decks

Mini Logo Decks

Mini Logo Decks

Mini Logo™ Wheels

Mini Logo™ high rebound, long lasting formulas provide more performance at a fraction of the price of most “pro” wheels. A number of our team skaters have told us that they prefer the way this compound skates over many more costly wheels. Mini Logo™ combines this high-performance urethane with a simple graphic, and a popular range of shapes, sizes, and hardnesses. Great performance and value guaranteed!

  • High rebound, long-lasting urethane for pro performance
  • A-cut shape for skating all terrains (51 - 56, 58 - 60, 66)
  • C-cut shape for technical skating (50 - 54)
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
Mini Logo Wheels

Hybrid Formula

  • 90A HYBRIDS combine the speed and durability of a hard wheel with the forgiveness of a soft wheel for all-terrain fun at any skill level
  • 36+ years of Skate One Corporation manufacturing knowledge
  • 56mm & 58mm A-cut shape for skating all terrains
  • 53mm C-cut shape for technical skating
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
Mini Logo 90a Hybrids

Hybrid Wheels chart

AWOL Wheels

  • 80a AWOL formula is the softest wheel in the line perfect for rolling to school, cruising to the store, filming your friends or pushing to work
  • Injection-molded, fiber-reinforced hub for superior performance and durability
  • The larger version of the A-Cut shape with wider contact patch for added stability and smoothness
  • Available in 55mm, 59mm, 63mm

AWOL Wheels chart Mini Logo AWOL Wheels

Mini Logo™ Bearings

Mini Logo™ Bearings are Skate Rated™, precision 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications. They have a removable rubber shield on one side, a removable metal shield on the other, a high speed molded ball retainer, precision ground and super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls, and come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™... twice the performance and half the price you would expect.

  • Skate Rated™ and produced by the industry's leading bearing manufacturer.
  • Closely monitored quality control to ensure consistent, high performance.
  • Shields on both sides of the bearing for added durability
  • Completely service-able and lubricated with low viscosity BONES Speed cream
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects
Mini Logo Bearings

Mini Logo™ Grip Tape

Mini Logo™ Grip Tape is made using multi layered laminates to ensure the highest quality, longest lasting grip possible at any price! Special Pressure Sensitive Adhesive allows for easy installation and superior hold, while the Silicon Carbide Mineral Grit provides superior control. Check out the new MILITANT stenciled backing paper! Grip your deck, cut out the stencil and spray your tape...GET MILITANT and support the movement!!!

  • Utilizes multi layered laminates to ensure the highest quality, longest lasting grip
  • Special Pressure Sensitive Adhesive allows for easy installation and superior hold
  • Dual grit size, Silicon Carbide provides superior control and durability
  • New CHEVRON stenciled backing paper!
  • 9” in black and 10.5” in black or clear
Mini Logo Grip Tape

Mini Logo™ Risers / Hardware / Truck Kits

Mini Logo Risers and Hardware

Mini Logo™ Risers / Hardware / Truck Kits