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After about 15 years since my injury I am finally back on a skateboard. Since I do not own my own deck company anymore I figured go to the best and get a full minilogo setup. Love everything about this company and so should you.

— Adam “Graveyard” Singer

A car ran over my board with it's rear wheel.
The middle part touched the asphalt.
Board still works fine.

— Janos

Mini logo was one of my first boards back around 2004 and still remains my favorite. I skate them over any other brand. Long lasting, keeps pop, and has the best shape. Normally, boards last me like 2 weeks, but sometimes I wear a mini logo out and change set up before breaking it—that’s huge to me!

Thanks for keeping it going, mini logo!

— Jake “Snake” Lawson

Been skating for almost 17 years now and without a doubt these mini logo boards are the best !!!! And then the price too like dude you can't beat it, they stand up to anything for any type of skater definitely the best thing on the market

— Spencer Perry

Just received my Mini-Logo Chevron detonator and the wood feels light and very snappy.
When setup the cave was perfect with a great size of nose and tail.
Great product and will definitely get some more... Even considering to try other products where I am used to more "comercial brands".

Now I know why the whole fuzz. The whole idea of plain materials seems more appealing to me.

— Nicholas Colares

I love Skate One. The Mini logo decks stay stiff even after months of skating. They only take a few days to ship. The shapes are always consistent. I don’t have to learn a new shape each time. They offer the best decks for the price in the market. Thanks for keeping skating affordable to us weekend warrior

— Kyle

You guys have some of the best skateboard’s I would like to get sponsored by mini logo.

— Edgar “Monkey” Enriquez

I just wanted to say thanks for the great boards. I got the mellow concave and immediately felt comfortable with the shape. The boards came in 3 days. Thanks for the free grip. You guys rock.

-Some old guy Who skates

— kyle

I got one of these boards thinking it won’t last because of the low price and I wasn’t more wrong
Mini logo is all I skate I couldn’t be happier it lasts,has great pop,they look simple and clean best boards in the game.

— Jesse Luna

Can't thank mini logo for making such high quality decks at an affordable price point. My daughter of 8 years old wanted to start skating and mini logo was the brand that ticked all the boxes for her to get down the local skatepark. In time we will be upgrading her unbranded trucks wheels etc to mini logo products. Cant thank you enough for making a dad and daughter have something in common to do at the weekend. Thank you from old Skater Dad and young Skater girl.

— Scott Ferguson

Hands down the best quality products you can buy for the right price. Highly recommended. Been skating mini logo since I can remember and to this day that’s what I ride! If you’ve never had one get out there and get one. You won’t be disappointed!

— Jacob “Jake” Flowers, Skateboarder

7.63 trucks are light and the c-cut 50mm wheels are nice for flatland. Setup now feels light and fresh. Defo be upgrading the deck and bearings with mini-logo gear when the time comes! Shout-out to mini-logo for making solid skate gear for a solid price. Keep up the great work!

— David

I don't just love the quality and the graphics, I love what Mini Logo stands for. Nothing motivates me to try harder or go bigger than Militant. I don't think I'll ever skate any other board company again.

— Julia

Everything on my board is mini logo,from the grip to bearings. great quality products and as amazing customer service makes working with them easy. I've skated mini logo since 2008 and they've only gotten better over the years. thank you for the awesome products. Keep it militant

— Travis “Catfish” Toor

after snapping three boards in a month my local skateshop suggested mini logo to save some $$ and i made a excellent choice not to pay extra for a graphic that wont last was very suprised of the over all quality medium concave no goofy sizes no goofy graphic just board the way sk8n started stay true and support powell-peralta and buy a mini-logo tough and cheap what more could a skater ask for just sayin hipsters need not apply stay core booger

— booger “booger”

I've been rocking Skate one products for the last couple years. I do not have one bad thing to say about Mini-Logo nor any reason to skate anything else. The decks are so stiff with the best concave. They take a lot of abuse and never give up their pop or go soft. The Mini-Logo trucks are the bomb. The shape really does help lock in grinds. The wheels don't flatspot. Let's not forget about the bearings. These things will spin for minutes....even after 2 years of use. I fully believe that SkateOne and Mini-Logo helped take my skating to the next level. For that I thank you.

— Chad

Mini Logos have always provided an amazing amount of pop & crispness to the selection of "tricks" I enjoy shredding through. Straight off of the shelf, I always enjoyed starting out with as high and slow a kickflip as my legs can muster up..then catching it with the back foot as if I had gorilla toes!! I've loved riding them for nearly 15 years now & still get pumped hopping on a fresh one! Besides, you couldn't ask for a better price!! RIDE 'EM!!!!!!!!!!

— jeremy “PH” gaspard, www.eps-online.com

When I was 14 yrs. old I started skating, then it was really hard cause i'm small and my feet aren't big.. my first deck was size 8 I gave up cause it gave me a hard time, then my grandma sent me a gift, it was a 7.5 x 28.65 mini logo deck and I was really comfortable with it, the deck is really suited for me! but then it broke so I don't know where to buy that kind of deck anymore. but still MINI LOGO's made me fit well in skating, that's why I love em. -pao from philippines

— Pao “Pao” Magno

When I returned to skating in my mid 40's it was too late to learn modern street skating so I took up distance pumping. After tons of experimenting with heavily modified wedged and de-wedged longboards outfitted with Bennett Tracker Indy Randal and other more expensive CNC trucks and then skating Carver C7 and CX's. Thi week I turn 51 and I decided that I would abandon all that and pump an unmodified street setup using timing and technique to pump everywhere. Even uphill!!! Now I do my daily lunchtime 3 mile thrash which has a long mile plus uphill section on a set of Mini Logo trucks. I fell they are the best street style truck for this type of skating providing the right amount of turn and rebound. Mini Logo's rock and hard quietly and without hype. They are a reward for those wiling to try them!

— Peter Riccio, www.thesawtelles.com

The Mini logo 8.5 deck is the best and only deck close enough to the length of my pant inseam (34"). The 15" wheelbase is great too, being 6+ feet tall, it provides stability, and my knees dont buckle when i land when from a drop. I dont think im going to buy a deck from another brand for as long as i skate (for life). i'm very excited to pick up an 8.75 deck when they come out. Thank you minilogo + skateone!!!!

— Andrew

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