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Everything on my board is mini logo,from the grip to bearings. great quality products and as amazing customer service makes working with them easy. I've skated mini logo since 2008 and they've only gotten better over the years. thank you for the awesome products. Keep it militant

— Travis “Catfish” Toor

I've been rocking Skate one products for the last couple years. I do not have one bad thing to say about Mini-Logo nor any reason to skate anything else. The decks are so stiff with the best concave. They take a lot of abuse and never give up their pop or go soft. The Mini-Logo trucks are the bomb. The shape really does help lock in grinds. The wheels don't flatspot. Let's not forget about the bearings. These things will spin for minutes....even after 2 years of use. I fully believe that SkateOne and Mini-Logo helped take my skating to the next level. For that I thank you.

— Chad

When I returned to skating in my mid 40's it was too late to learn modern street skating so I took up distance pumping. After tons of experimenting with heavily modified wedged and de-wedged longboards outfitted with Bennett Tracker Indy Randal and other more expensive CNC trucks and then skating Carver C7 and CX's. Thi week I turn 51 and I decided that I would abandon all that and pump an unmodified street setup using timing and technique to pump everywhere. Even uphill!!! Now I do my daily lunchtime 3 mile thrash which has a long mile plus uphill section on a set of Mini Logo trucks. I fell they are the best street style truck for this type of skating providing the right amount of turn and rebound. Mini Logo's rock and hard quietly and without hype. They are a reward for those wiling to try them!

— Peter Riccio, www.thesawtelles.com

I like the price of mini logo, I've had a few of them over the years and they certainly match up to boards that cost double. Great stuff.

— Justin “J-Rock” Lalande, Radius Design

These guys are moving skateboarding forward by making it much easier and cheaper to keep a fresh new deck without dippin' too far into your pocket. Mini Logo has, and will continue to, innovate skating.

— Andrew “sleepy” Hambrick, Waco Texas

I got your trucks after reading Johnny Roncis review on Skateboarding Is My Lifetime Sport blog. So far they've been living up to my high expectations. Quick turning an perfect balance. Best trucks I ever had!

— Alf

I have a mini logo it is so f'in awesome MILITANT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— greg “g code” mikhalivich

After reading the review that Johnny has done so expertly at his blog, who could resist trying out Mini Logo Trucks? He has some passion for your product and I am glad he does because after reading his blog these trucks are all I will ever ride. Thanks for putting out such a great product. You have gained a loyal customer from me.

Johnny's review:

— Chris “Kong”

the day they stop making mini logos is the day i stop skateboarding MiniLogo till i die

— Joey “Riddick” Flores

What's up folks? Longtime Powell-Peralta/Bones supporter,over 25 years skating! I'm really hyped on your Militant theme aswell as your gear! In the future,i'm gonna try a mini logo deck out,maybe roll a second set up for skating. I still love my Powell-Peralta's, especially proseries. But i only use mini-logo grip & hardware. I have compared it to black magic, jessup,mob grip,skatejunk lol! But mini-logo stays newer & crispier then ALL others! I'm curious, will the new ML trucks be Bones bushings compatable? Saw a sneak peek of a militant beanie(orange) on facebook, when will they be available & any other colors choices? How about some Militant t-shirts? I'd LOVE to buy a few!!! PLEASE answer back ASAP, I'd love to show my support!! I'm sending in some cash as of this evening for more militant stickers!! Rock it & shred it 4ever & thanks for your time, STACY!! P.S.- Daniel & Kam seriously rock for skateone

— Stacy Rogers

mini-logo never go out of business. won't skate any other brand. Get a team together. good times, good boards, good people... mini-logo.

— shane “quack” quackenbush

Its Anthony from rio vista skatepark in peoria arizona, you sat down with me and all my friends and talked to us how you guys are a real skateboard company and its just for the fun of it. Which is what made me and all my friends rep militant and mini logo for life. just wanted to let you know you know got our support at rio vista. We'll tell all our friends and local skaters about how you guys are the bomb!

— anthony sopt, Skateboarder at rio vista

Such a great brand.

— Oliver “OLLIE” RUSH

i love mini logos so much.. I started riding 7.75 and now im riding 8.0 mini logos with so many stickers. I love everything about mini logo the boards, wheels, bearings and of course the trucks. Keep it mini logo!!!!!

— chris

REAL love is MiniLogo

— Joshua “JayJay” Reick, MORAL

I have been skating for 5 years and I always find myself going back to the Mini-Logo.

— michael “mike” sanchez

I LOVE minilogo. top grade decks, wheels, ect. At a affordable price.

— Sonny

I have been skating off and on since 99 and I always come back to Mini Logo. Keep it up SOC.

— Big Bill

I really like the way it skates.

— john taylor

Thanks for selling a high quality product for affordable prices.

— Jonathan West

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