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Skate One wood is the best. They are stiff, poppy, and can take a beating.

— Andy

Such a great brand.

— Oliver “OLLIE” RUSH

i have been riding mini logo since they started and have not found a stronger board in the game. i weigh 230 pounds and finding a good strong board has always been a issue for me. i knew powel was a good quality product so i knew when i first bought the mini logo i was gettting a good product. im 38 and still riding!

— dj “dj soden” soden, usbdjs.com

mini logo decks are super good! the feel alot stonger than any other deck. I finally found the deck that i will keep on buying. Thanks Mini Logo!!

— Dylan “dewy” Butler

The best deck I've ever had! I've went higher and better and it put up a fight I will stick to mini logo forever!!!

— Justin Andolora

Best decks ive had. Hands down.

— Niko “Niko” Panagopoulos

Once I rode a Mini Logo, nothing really compares to it. I first bought one cause i was sick of spending 60 bucks on pro boards and then i found out that this board was the perfect fit for me. They get amazing pop that i haven't found in other boards as well. So really just keep up the good work and don't change a thing.

— Derick “Dj D-reck” Fisher, GV skate crew

mini logo is great! Their boards really hold up and i love the designs!!

— aaron “HAT”

i just got my new mini 8.5 and its great my old 1 broke finally i had that 1 for about 4 months n i skated everyday until it broke i will skate MINI-LOGO decks for LIFE haha great job making these awesome decks guys

— big t

Mini Logos are a great, no bullshit, deck. I got mine for 25 with shipping and it has held up and performed as good if not better than some $60 deck I have had in the past.

— Weston “big papa” patterson, color

i love mini logos so much.. I started riding 7.75 and now im riding 8.0 mini logos with so many stickers. I love everything about mini logo the boards, wheels, bearings and of course the trucks. Keep it mini logo!!!!!

— chris

Yalls decks are the strongest decks I have ever skated.

— Chris “Jimmy” James

Got my first Mini Logo board after a 5 year hiatus from skating. I used to only ride T__ M______ or B____ L____ but this is hands down the best deck I've ever shredded. I'm rolling on Mini Logo wheels and bearings, too. Best product out there.

— Brian

i have been using mini logos for a while now. my friend let me use his mini logo once and i basically fell in love with the shape and the concaveness of the board. so i went out and bought i think 4 decks at once and i still have 2 of them left.

— justin “stretch” hunt

I bought one for the price, but now I love'em. Can't wait to get a new one.

— Chris

i have broken plenty of decks over the years and ridden everything from shop signatures to expensive pro decks to cheap ones as well.... i just can't get this thing to break..... it has incredible amounts of pop months later and has held up incredibly on nose slides and others.... paint is durable and the deck is amazing .... its the only thing i skate now.... i ended up giving away my old deck

— fender “bender” sanders

I usually go through boards about every two weeks. So i decided to buy a cheaper board (Mini Logo) to save money. But to my surprise, it was the best board i have ever skated...Mini logo performance leaves all other companies in the dust. ML 4 LIFE

— Noah

I skate a Mini Logo right now and it's my first one. Its a super cheap board and it has unbelievable pop.I love the deck.

— Nick “Nick the shredder” Stasio

I just purchased a black 8x31 inch, black mini-logo skateboard. I also purchased another well respected pro board (won't name) and I have to say, the mini-logo is superior so far. I haven't skated in about 7 years and I just hopped on my mini-logo about two hours ago and popped 3 and 4 foot ollies with no problem. Mini-logos have AMAZING pop, a very well done paint job, and clean, well laminated wood.

— Ryan

yo dood mini logo is ehh so sick ehh. Sorry dude my terettes type. I cant control them dude ehh. but luckely yoour boards make me happy ehh.

— jude “young terret” obieter

Items 101-120 of 413

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