Speaking of the Universe and the Solar System, in 2006 it was decided that Pluto was no longer a planet!  HARSH!  So much for what I learned in elementary school!


World-wide sporting events were going on with the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy and FIFA 2006 Soccer in Germany.



Social media also took another step forward...or backwards depending on how you look at it.  Twitter was introduced in 2006.

Finally, the word lost someone really good one and another that was really bad.  RIP Steve Irwin...you will always be my Crocodle Hunter!  


 As for the other guy who was found in that hole...I have to hold my toungue on that one!


Skateboading in  2006 

Some major videos dropped in 2006...and some MAJOR players starting making moves in the skate shoe business.


                          (BEST Mini Ramp Video EVER!)                                          (HSU....enough said)


                    (Chad Tim Tim's part is a thing of beauty!)                   (East Coast skating at it's finest!)


Both Nike and Adidas made major pushes in skateboard footwear.  Nike went full force with SB and the DUNKS.Adidas offered classic silhouettes, with new colors and fresh flare from Gonz!



 Skate One and Mini Logo 2006

Continuing what was done with catalogs in 2005, the Skate One Catalog was also broken up by brand in 2006. Then each individual catalog was combined to make the entire Skate One product offering. 


 (Skate One and Mini Logo Catalogs Spring 2006)


 (Skate One and Mini Logo Catalogs Fall 2006)


Mini Logo product stayed much the same in 2006, with a slight update to wheel graphics.


 (Spring & Fall 2006 Decks)


(Spring & Fall 2006 Wheels - graphic update for Fall)


(Spring & Fall 2006 Completes and Accessories) 


Unfortunately, I left Skate One in 2006 to head back East to be with family.  It was a tough decision for sure, but a necessary one at the time.  What year would I head back to Cali to become the Mini Logo brand manager?  

You will have to stay tuned for future History of MILITANTs reports for that answer!