Official MILITANT #44 has joined the ranks!
Please welcome Nate Brown as Official MILITANT #44! Read More
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Please welcome New Official MILITANT #43 - Elijah Koch!
Riding for B.C. Surf & Sport in Colorado Springs, Elijah is the newest Official MILITANT recruit! Read More
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Mini Logo's Bucket & Board Sweepstakes Winners!
No better way to start off a Friday then by announcing the winners of Mini Logo's BUKCET & BOARD Sweepstakes! Read More
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“yea dude these are great the are long lasting great pops i learned alot of tricks from this board. last me long time gonna get me another one of these. lasted me 6 months and im hardcore !”

— herrison .p

“The truth is that Mini Logo is always coming up with improvements and thats why every local in our community rides these boards, because they are cheap and durable. thats it, no questions asked.”

— oscar rodriguez
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