More Official MILITANTs in the works!
The MILITANT Movement is HERE!! New recruits coming from California, New Jersey, Utah, GERMANY and POLAND.... Read More
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ML'S History of MILITANTs - Vol. #12: 2007
2007 seems like it was yesterday...or was it? iphones, home runs, man-powered trips around the world and Marc Johnson all made an impact 7 years ago... Read More
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July 29, 2014

Jersey Mike just got in a bunch of Mini Logo Wheels with the NEW Stencil Font graphic for final approval. They are approved, now what to do with the sample wheels? GIVE THEM AWAY OF COURSE! Read More
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“I'm 34 yrs old and i never stopped skating since the 80's and 90's and mini logos are the best wheels i ever had. Sure the price is cheap but they LAST long. I haven't yet tried the new wheels they have now. Skateboarding has expanded a lot over the years. Mini Logo provides precise specifications o...”

— Derek “pcnuttie”

“ These decks look like they are the best around. i got to ride my friends Mini Logo and it felt great. the concave is great and it is superlight with lots of pop. definitely recomended for begginers and expert. I'm getting one. ”

— Max
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