Phillip Freegard's Shredit Cards is risky business! Read More
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More Official MILITANTs in the works!
The MILITANT Movement is HERE!! New recruits coming from California, New Jersey, Utah, GERMANY and POLAND.... Read More
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ML'S History of MILITANTs - Vol. #12: 2007
2007 seems like it was yesterday...or was it? iphones, home runs, man-powered trips around the world and Marc Johnson all made an impact 7 years ago... Read More
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“Ive had a Mini Logo maroon deck for 2 weeks and it is GOOOD! It is durable as I land on the tail a lot but no cracks. It has intense pop, good shape. ”

— John Lake

“I have a Mini Logo deck for almost 2 years,and it it is still in great condition.I am very fond of it,because your decks are narrow and light.It is a great deck for flips,especially heelflip.The graphics however fray,so it is not so big deal that Mini Logo doesnt have it.I am buying a new deck,and o...”

— Dario
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