Mini Logo Deck Review with Mikey Weber
Why does Official MILITANT #1 - Mikey Weber - love Mini Logo Decks so much? Read More
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Zander Gabriel is New Official MILITANT #54
Zander Gabriel out of Santa Monica, CA is New Official MILITANT #54! Read More
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Officials 52 & 53!

Officials 52 & 53!

April 2, 2015

Please welcome Official MILITANT #52:Josh Dirksen & Official MILITANT #53: Michael O'Toole Read More
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“mini logos are quality boards for a great price. I've had at least 10 the last year or so and they're definitely as good as any $60 board.”

— Julian

“I'm 28 years old and have been skating since I was 12. In those 16 years of skating I've ridin every shape and brand out there, not because I wanted to but because there was no consistancy in shapes and sizes. We as skaters should'nt have to follow the trends of the industry, the industry should cat...”

— malcoholic
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