SHRED-WARD is New Official MILITANT #55!
It's official and it's about time! Please welcome NEW, Official MILITANT #55 - Eddie Sanders - to the ranks!! Read More
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Mini Logo Bearing Review with #41 - Jon C
Official MILITANT #41 - Jonathan Cummings loves to roll on Mini Logo Bearings and here is why... Read More
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Mini Logo Wheel Review with Amanda and Kiana
Official MILITANT #23 - Amanda Castillo and #50 - Kiana Parra let you know why Mini Logo Wheels RIP! Read More
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“hey guys my name is cody force im a 17 year old skater from bryant arkansas and ive been skating for 9 years. i LOVE your boards and i was wondering if there was any way that i could ride for your company. if you can please hit me back id dearly appreciate it. Thank you -cody”

— cody “forcie” force

“I am use to orderin on the internet and stuff like that and it costed alot of money so i went to my local skateshop and bought a Mini Logo skateboard and its cheaper than the other decks and its quallity is off the chain!.”

— Alan Barrier
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