ML'S History of MILITANTs - Vol. #12: 2007
2007 seems like it was yesterday...or was it? iphones, home runs, man-powered trips around the world and Marc Johnson all made an impact 7 years ago... Read More
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July 29, 2014

Jersey Mike just got in a bunch of Mini Logo Wheels with the NEW Stencil Font graphic for final approval. They are approved, now what to do with the sample wheels? GIVE THEM AWAY OF COURSE! Read More
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Official MILITANT #44 has joined the ranks!
Please welcome Nate Brown as Official MILITANT #44! Read More
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“I work at a skateshop/skatepark, and I didn't want any of the boards we had and the boss is on vacation so I took a chance and got a mini logo because I used to buy them when I was younger, you can't go wrong with Powell" if I was going to buy a blank... and I was right”

— jack “jack james” James

“my friend had a Mini Logo and it cracked but it still skated it for like 2 months now thats a strong board and i love Mini Logo”

— ron
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