Mini Logo is proud to drop its 2nd montage, the MILITAGE!
Watch Mini Logo's Official MILITANT skaters in the newest montage, the MILITAGE! Read More
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Mini Logo gets Officially MILITANT in POLAND!!!
Not ONE but TWO new additions to the INTERNATIONAL UNIT! Read More
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48 is GREAT!!!  MIni Logo enlists NEW Official MILITANT #48!
Aaron Roberts out of West Chester, PA is the NEW Official MILITANT #48! Read More
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“Mini Logos have the best pop of any board i have ever used. the flip so well it's not even funny. every skater should have a Mini Logo”

— harry lanker

“Mini Logos are great and its the only board that gave me the pop i needed. I use to have a b___h____ and f___ and the sucked compared to Mini Logo.”

— leo
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