May 17, 2016

New Small Bomb Decks now available in Black, Natural, Cosmic, Pizza and Tie-Dye! Read More
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MILITANT Wheel Slashing with Official MILITANT #59
Ditches, parking blocks, grass...Official Militant, Ryan Maddox SLASHES everything with our New MILITANT 52mm x 101a wheels! Read More
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 Official MILITANT #49 puts the Limited Edition MILITANT Wheels to the test!
So what are these new MILITANT Wheels all about? Eli Rashad gives you the 411! Read More
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“So I am twenty six years old and been skating since i was about eight years old. Remembering my first deck down to the first time i actually ollied anything. To flip tricks and a couple of sprained ankles and broke bones skating is just in my blood. There is nothing i cant dream up on a nice set ...”

— Stephan “Gr8ful” Franklin

“cheap boards with really good shape and of the best boards i've had and will continue buying them..SKATE OR DIE!?!”

— Jon Adonay
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