3 New International Unit Recruits
MILITANT March keeps moving forward! 3 New Official MILITANT Recruits for the International Unit have been added in Germany! Read More
New Official MILITANT #51 - Kenny Day
MILITANT March marches on with New Official MILITANT #51 - Kenny Day! Read More
| Posted in News, Videos, Team
New Official MILITANT #50 - Kiana Parra
MILITANT March begins with New Official MILITANT #50 - Kiana Parra! Read More
| Posted in News, Videos, Team
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“the day they stop making mini logos is the day i stop skateboarding MiniLogo till i die”

— Joey “Riddick” Flores

“Mini logo decks are really great, i did not think it was gonna be as good as like a pro deck. Well they proved me wrong. im on my second deck only cause the first one got old after like 2 months with is a long time for me.”

— Noah Schwartz
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