There are 46?  YUP!  The MILITANT Crew just got one stronger!
NEW Official MILITANT #46 - Mikey Martinez - enlisted from Salt Lake City! Read More
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New Official MILITANT #45 - Robby Hargreaves
Please welcome NEW Official Mini Logo MILITANT #45 - Robby Hargreaves to the ranks! Read More
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Official MILITANT D.I.Y Night Moves!
Check out what Official MILITANTS #29 Cody Clayton and #30 Steven Lemus have been doing with their nights... Read More
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“I bought another Mini Logo deck yesterday after my previous A_____ broke on a loading dock.. I slapped my Grind Kings on it and I skated like I skated with my previous Mini Logo. I felt my heelflips return to me with the gift of extra height. My 360 flips were back to the way I love them. The SST af...”

— Brett Gergulich

“if your gonna skate a deck, it better be mini, no graphics, no worrys”

— Walker Embry
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