#TBT now stands for Tre-Bomb-Thursday!
The Official MILITANTs have been taking over #TBT with Tre-Bomb Thursday! Check out this compilation of 360 Flip BANGERS from the past few months. Read More
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Free Chevron Tee with Complete!
Buy a Mini Logo Complete and get a FREE Chevron Pocket Tee while supplies last! Read More
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New Chevron Shirts in Stock!
New Khaki Chevron Shirts in stock along with a more in Black! Read More
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“First off I'd like to say thanks, I bought a yellow 8.5 militant deck from a shop near where I live, (I live in Mississippi) and its a really great board at a really great price. I just now started reading up however on the story behind the militant movement and I'd love to help spread that in some ...”

— Daniel Shawl

“i love your boards at first i thought they didnt look good because they were just blank but i bought one its pop is amazing and a good board for stickers now every time i go to zumiez i already know what board im getting thank you ML”

— DeVario “DEVO” Bogenholm
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