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I've been skating Mini-Logo boards for about 9 years now; I'll never buy anything else. Even ML brand bearings, wheels and risers are fantastic. Great product for a great price!

— Joshua “Josh” Hertel, DIRECTV

I love MINILOGO i use there wheels decks bearings but i use venture trucks i just got my minilogo k12 7.5 board coustimized it has amazing pop great concave and it lasts for like ever!!!!!!!!!! i also have some ML griptape! ML for life!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Jack48271

REAL love is MiniLogo

— Joshua “JayJay” Reick, MORAL

I have been skating for 5 years and I always find myself going back to the Mini-Logo.

— michael “mike” sanchez

I LOVE minilogo. top grade decks, wheels, ect. At a affordable price.

— Sonny

best wheels ever!!!

— I love

I have been skating off and on since 99 and I always come back to Mini Logo. Keep it up SOC.

— Big Bill

I really like the way it skates.

— john taylor

After riding some cheapy walmart boards, I decided to try a Mini Logo to avoid the big name brand poser boards, and it is awesome, It has huge pop, and the concave is sweet on the K-12. I got the Mini Logo wheels 52mm x 101a and they are great for the street. I think Mini Logo should have a team ,they make such great boards!

— Ed

Thanks for selling a high quality product for affordable prices.

— Jonathan West

hanks for the affordable pricing, skateboarding is very expensive and I try not to spend a lot of money on it, but it is kind of inevitable, it gets really old riding your friends old boards and shoes that are dead or too small/big etc.

— Jonathan West

these wheels are amazazing, got the 54mm 101 duro there still really smooth after a million berts and power slide

— Karen Bannick

amazing i skated them fer four years havnt stopped

— dougal Watson

nice shape

— Jonathan Jerby

Best Yet!! sticking to Mini Logo

— Pieter Smit

I will never ride anything else. Thanks for keepin it real ML

— John Paul

I had not skated in about 15 years and when I wanted to get back into it I didnt want to go broke getting a complete. I had never heard of Mini Logo when I stepped in my local skateshop. That board lasted me almost two years and I loved yall ever since.

— Jay

ya its pretty much AWESOME

— Gordo

i love to skate i fell so free when i am skating like i cant be tuched

— ronnie reynolds

Mini Logo the best of the best!!!

— Konstantin Maslakov

Items 21-40 of 63

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