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Mini Logos are good

— dam0yn

Best board ever...next board i get is a Mini Logo...i have Mini Logo wheels already!

— Julian

super dooper

— Benjamin Picton

these wheels are the best ive ever ridden, they dont get flat spots which is great when you are as gnarly as i am (i skate hard and fast). these wheels rock, skate or die

— tom

i used to love to skate big expensive brands.i used to have a $120 pro set-up and i thought it was great, but the more i skated i realized that a deck is a deck and it doesnt matter how expensive it is.i went to fast forward and got a Mini Logo.i skated yesterday and everyone asked me what type of board i was skating...and the more i though...Mini Logo isnt just decks...its more than that... Mini Logo #1

— arik

A great product! It's not about what you skate, but how you skate. I'm a fan for life now.

— Aidan Anderson

I got a new Mini Logo and its the best board i've rode in my life. I recommend Mini Logo skateboards to all of my friend and team mates!!

— Eric Mason

i got a Mini Logo it was tight im buying a new one today

— Gilberto

I'm 36 years old and just got back into skating again and I will always use Mini Logos products. I'm on my third deck and plan to get wheels.

— Rick

I'm back after ten years break. Got a new Mini Logo deck and set of wheels and it's the best skate I've ever had! Powell was my childhood favourite and now as I'm trying to cope with turnig 30 I'm back skating Powell. Thank you for being there. Good things don't change.

— Lauri Vennonen

Sick concave makes for superior handling. These decks have hella pop and mad durability at half the price of a regular board. Mini logo wheels rock too.

— Adam

I would recomend Mini Logo over the bigger company productions for the price and support!

— Billy

All i RiDe

— Eric

I just bought a pair of the Mini Logo wheels and they are about as good as any other wheel, but much cheaper. They definitely are a good buy.

— chase

Good quality. Nice price.

— Christopher Graf

Very good product

— Christian Bergmann

Mini Logo is inexpensive and high quality. That's awesome.

— Johnny Casian

Mini Logos are the best. I will always skate them.

— Tommy Stabler

Thanks for offering good quality at reasonable prices!!!

— Christian Axel

I'm hooked on Mini Logos!

— Matt Mokracek

Items 41-60 of 63

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