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hanks for the affordable pricing, skateboarding is very expensive and I try not to spend a lot of money on it, but it is kind of inevitable, it gets really old riding your friends old boards and shoes that are dead or too small/big etc.

— Jonathan West

Best Yet!! sticking to Mini Logo

— Pieter Smit

I will never ride anything else. Thanks for keepin it real ML

— John Paul

I had not skated in about 15 years and when I wanted to get back into it I didnt want to go broke getting a complete. I had never heard of Mini Logo when I stepped in my local skateshop. That board lasted me almost two years and I loved yall ever since.

— Jay

ya its pretty much AWESOME

— Gordo

i love to skate i fell so free when i am skating like i cant be tuched

— ronnie reynolds

Mini Logo the best of the best!!!

— Konstantin Maslakov

Mini Logos are good

— dam0yn

super dooper

— Benjamin Picton

i used to love to skate big expensive brands.i used to have a $120 pro set-up and i thought it was great, but the more i skated i realized that a deck is a deck and it doesnt matter how expensive it is.i went to fast forward and got a Mini Logo.i skated yesterday and everyone asked me what type of board i was skating...and the more i though...Mini Logo isnt just decks...its more than that... Mini Logo #1

— arik

A great product! It's not about what you skate, but how you skate. I'm a fan for life now.

— Aidan Anderson

I got a new Mini Logo and its the best board i've rode in my life. I recommend Mini Logo skateboards to all of my friend and team mates!!

— Eric Mason

i got a Mini Logo it was tight im buying a new one today

— Gilberto

I'm 36 years old and just got back into skating again and I will always use Mini Logos products. I'm on my third deck and plan to get wheels.

— Rick

I would recomend Mini Logo over the bigger company productions for the price and support!

— Billy

All i RiDe

— Eric

Good quality. Nice price.

— Christopher Graf

i think that Mini Logos are the best decks! I cant wait to get a hold of a pair of their trucks!!!!!!!!

— tyler

Very good product

— Christian Bergmann

Mini Logo is inexpensive and high quality. That's awesome.

— Johnny Casian

Items 21-40 of 46

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