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Mini Logo are the best deck i have ever rode! i had a almost uber light and it flexed and snapped after i did a tre-flip it snapped in 2 places, i landed on the tail and the middel of the board. and when i did the same to a mini-logo board. nothing happned to it. THERE STIFF!!!

— Devon Lethbridge


Mini logos are amazing!. Best concave,size,shape,etc. The decks are perfect.I love em. Permanant usage.

— Danny Nguyen

my big brother got me a Mini Logo deck last year and I still have it.it was old when i got it and this deck has lasted longer than any deck I had

— caleb

I love mini-logo it was the first board i landed a kickflip on and ollie down stairs and still hasn't broke!

— Chris G

Mini logo rocks, great pop. highly recomended

— john

a new vans store opened up in my local mall and they sell Mini Logos for 30 bucks, its a deal, i get 2 every time i need new boards. sick quality and sick pop

— ben torres

love em good price nice pop

— Trent

amazing i skated them fer four years havnt stopped

— dougal Watson

Mini Logo boards are extreme

— rodney Wong

man these boards are sooo good.the last long and have good pop!

— jazen

Mini logo decks are really great, i did not think it was gonna be as good as like a pro deck. Well they proved me wrong. im on my second deck only cause the first one got old after like 2 months with is a long time for me.

— Noah Schwartz

Mini logo decks are so sick, i just bought one today and i love it. ive been trying out all these different brands before and just couldnt find a good one. after one ollie i knew that this was the best board ive ever had, they last long, and have unbelievable pop. SKATE MINI LOGO!!!!!!!!

— Kendall Noel

nice shape

— Jonathan Jerby

Mini Logos are the best decks ever! I luv the thickness and the concave and the pop. It it the best for grinding and slide tricks. MINI LOGOS RULE THE STREET!!!

— Brantson Wilcox

Mini Logo decks are rad, my friend just bought a k12 and it is so sick, its got a ton of concave and ridiculous pop. its kinda nice not to worry about graphics cause you always grind em off anyway! ML are the same price as some awful blanks, but ride like some of the 55 dollar dex you see at ur shop. go buy 1

— Leeeroy

I was looking for a deck in Japan. I have skated on quite a few decks in my lifetime and I saw Mini Logo, and I am so happy I choose it. The more I ride it the more I feel it's the best deck I have ever rode on. Thanks ML it's a pleasure to ride.

— Rob

Mini Logo's are the best boards there are. I had my last Mini Logo for 5 months and I skated nearly every day but it was gettin chipped up so I bought a new brand name board and I only had it for 3 months and have only been skating like once a week kuz of the season and the tail just snapped on me while I was doin a heelflip flat ground. I've never broken a board on a flatground trick, that was a first for me.

— D Morales

That there Mini Logo company seems pretty good. I had a few of them ol boards myself, have pretty good pop.

— michael johnson

these decks r awessome! i ride a S____ D____ right now, but once i get the dough, i'm buying another Mini Logo

— Ben Ogle

Items 161-180 of 386

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