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Skated for 8 years in high school and then took a 20 year break (I'm 37 years old now). in 2013 I lost enough weight to finally get back on a board so I pulled out my old Planet Earth Chris Miller and started skating again. Shortly after, that deck was too trashed to ride and it was time for me to find a new deck. I tried several new decks but couldn't find anything that just fit right. I happened into our local skate shop that was moving locations and they had two Minilogo decks (8.5 and an 8.25) on discount so I bought them both. Best decision ever! I settled on the 8.25 as the size was not overly huge but big enough to have some weight under my feet. They have great pop and feel rock solid The concave is awesome and reminds me of the old H-Street Hell Concave. This deck is it for me and I'm totally won over. I just ordered my 2nd 8.25 and plan on dropping a new set of Minilogo trucks on it once the 2014s are out. Thanks Minilogo for creating awesome products at a great price!

— Mike Pugh

Skated from Enjoy to a Powell Peralta and still none of them are as good as the Mini Logos!

— Joshua “Josh” Cuevas

These guys are moving skateboarding forward by making it much easier and cheaper to keep a fresh new deck without dippin' too far into your pocket. Mini Logo has, and will continue to, innovate skating.

— Andrew “sleepy” Hambrick, Waco Texas

I have a mini logo it is so f'in awesome MILITANT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— greg “g code” mikhalivich

It my first board but I know it will last for a long time

— Jesus “Tuis” Plascencia

Mini Logo is my #1 Skateboard brand, super cheap and super durable Compared to the other expensive boards. My first mini logo is now 2 years old and still riding like a champ, Mini Logo for life.

— Jesse “Jesse” Hume

I've always wanted a mini logo deck, my bestfriend has had one for almost year now and it's still in great shape. Now that's impressive! I think MINI LOGO have one of the most reliable, long lasting decks out there.

— Eric Arceo

I shred Mini Logo at all my local parks, Im ask daily "what kind of board I skate" since the logo is so mini, nice convo starter.

— Antonio Almeida

I've recently purchased a 7.75" Militant 112 deck, it's green just like my spirit, lol. I really love the shape of the nose it's perfect for my flick and seems to bring the board up to catch-it better than before. I like the price it seemed really fair for the good quality and for the impressive amount of fresh pop I'm getting from it. Matter of fact I emailed Jersey Mike about my opinion, I like to give feedback when I can, and his response and his ability to relate made me that much more proud to call Mini-Logo my brand. For skaters by skaters is how it's gotta be and I know now ML brand is. OneLove now GoSkate!!!

— Ty “Earthchild / OneLove”, Go Sk8 right now !

the day they stop making mini logos is the day i stop skateboarding MiniLogo till i die

— Joey “Riddick” Flores

So I am twenty six years old and been skating since i was about eight years old. Remembering my first deck down to the first time i actually ollied anything. To flip tricks and a couple of sprained ankles and broke bones skating is just in my blood. There is nothing i cant dream up on a nice set up and some flowing tunes. We always skated a lil spot called "the Lot" some of the best sets i have ever had the chance to skate in a small town like Anderson. Unfortunately it was shut down in 2004 even after everyone showed up for support, but i am slowly building a crew to fill our petition for maybe some new skate spots##fingers-crossed. Until then im skating fresh on the streets and ledges that true skaters can spot...of course on Mini Logo deck.. stayGr8ful

— Stephan “Gr8ful” Franklin, Anderson SC Skatepark Petition

I won a set of two boards from minilogo ( one green and one plain wood color ) with griptape.
Ive never rode minilogo before but, WOW! Such a great board. I love minilogo skateboards.
Easy to say one of the B-E-S-T brands there is.

— Timothy “timmy0160” Sharp

hey guys my name is cody force im a 17 year old skater from bryant arkansas and ive been skating for 9 years. i LOVE your boards and i was wondering if there was any way that i could ride for your company. if you can please hit me back id dearly appreciate it. Thank you -cody

— cody “forcie” force

I came for the price, stayed for the quality! The concave is a little deeper than most decks which i just fell i love with! Help my size 12 boats stay on for the ride! the pop is insane, the shape is amazing, and the blank underside inspires me to get artsy from time to time. Not only do I get to ride a sick deck for cheap, but i also don't have to worry about picking out a graphic...It just scraps off anyways! Thanks ML!

— Adam “T-Bear” Thibert

love the wheels,,ive bought a couple and just bought some of the newr orange ones with the militant stickR....ive always loved hard wheels is what drove me too them,,super smooth and hard,nice for slides..and the decks r nice too,,ive gotten a couple,,the last one i thought was sick!,cuz it was like 8.5x 33.5..awsome cuz i rode big boards(street skated double kick longboards) and had trouble getting use to boards 32 '' in length..the 33.5 length was rad cuz it didnt feel so short and not too long either..i dont think see that in most boards,,ther all about the same size,,mini logo has more size option i thought..THNX skaTE ONE!!

— mike Campbell

Mini-Logo makes the best boards in the business, period. I have been riding them for 10 years. They have unsurpassed concave, pop, and shape. I won't ride anything but a size 8 Mini-Logo s.o.c. 127. I recently traveled 500 miles just to buy some.

— Noah

I ride 7.5" x 31.375 mini logo deck and is by far the best deck I have ever rode. I was at my local skate park the other day and a kid told me I was "cheating" because of the K-12 concave giving extra support and the amount of "pop" I was achieving. I cant wait to purchase a new deck to add to my collection.

— Tony Almeida

I ride a MINI LOGO right now and it's pretty sweet. Although it's the first deck I've had or set foot on in 8 years, it's rather nice. I am going to ride it until I destroy it and then I might just get me another... Mine was made in 2011. Good product!!

— Jakob “Jake” Burkett

Gotta say these boards look great blank, but for me my skateboard is my temple, so why not paint the walls? Well I did just that. Your brand inspired me to do my own graphic on one of your militant boards. I kept the military style theme and let's just say all my skater friends want me to do designs now. I simply said, 'as long as its a mini logo.' -loyalty to the inspiration.

— Robert “Robz” Watson, n/a

ive been skateboarding for 13yrs and through out the years ive always sk8ed mini logo deck there cheaper then pro boards here in canada. I perfer mini logos cus they last long and can take the abuse of the streets very well. the shapes are the best i love riding the 8in decks there the best. thank you for the best decks out there keep up the good work.

— scott “froggy”

Items 21-40 of 386

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