Jersey felt the love as soon as he got to Salt Lake City last week. He visited 12 of the most influential shops in the area, rode some insane concrete parks (9th & 9th was so much fun!), planted the seed to spread the MILITANT movement and was fortunate enough to find New Official MILITANT #42 - Taylor Mineer - at Annex Skate & Snow!


Things got really fun and interesting at Annex Skate and Snow.


Jersey Mike got to hang out with team riders Nate and Taylor as well as shop powner Ezra.  They talked shop and the MILITANT movement.  Nate was intrigued but Taylor was all about it.  After a fun skate session and some emails to check out some footage, Jersey had to make him official!  

Plese welcome Official MILITANT #42 - Taylor Mineer to the ranks!  

Jersey Mike is working on his "welcome" video right now.


Jersey is planning another trip to Kansas City, St. Louis and Oklahoma City for August....will he find more MILITANTs?  Stay tuned to find out!