Skateboarding has taught us many things in life: from approaching people and maintaining friendships, to dealing with failure and being persistent. It teaches you to stand up when you fall. But above all, skateboarding stands for community. No matter who and no matter where.

But although it seems like all you need is a skateboard, looking at the rest of the world that's not as easy as it seems to be. We believe all children have the right to experience a joyful childhood. But reality often proves us wrong. Many children in Bangladesh are excluded from education and recreation because of their origin. More than 1.5 million children live and work on the streets of Bangladesh. They are physically, mentally and emotionally mistreated and forgotten by society. Our mission is to give homeless children hope for a better future.

To raise awareness for our initiative, we created the Red Wheel Society. No matter the distance, vast or small, having a network of united skateboarders that have their back is giving them power and strength to master their everyday life. The characteristic of the Red Wheel Society: one red wheel. The red sphere on the flag of Bangladesh represents the rising sun, a symbol of hope. While this is just a motif of solidarity, the whole concept will ultimately help children find hope.

Find out how you can support and join the society at #redwheelsociety