Recently friend of the #MILITANTCREW, Duncan Ewington, snapped a few photos and asked Official MILITANT #1 - Mikey Weber - some questions about skate life a year after knee surgery.

Backside Flip

  • Q: Obviously it takes a lot of work to rebuild the strength and get your confidence back.. what did you do for rehabilitation?
  • MIKEY: The first few days after surgery I wished I had a house visit physical therapist teach me exercises to do at home. After a week they threw me straight to physical therapy and that lasted a good solid eight months. Then I joined a gym to start riding the stationary bicycle to get motion back in my knee and knee cap... and since I was already there I began to start lifting again like I did when I was a teenager. Eventually a friend introduced me to long distance track cycling in clip in shoes which really helped me get outside and get my endurance and stamina up. Also using a treadmill was crucial in getting my strength back. I’m back to skating now but I’m still doing all these things and I’m at the gym at least four times a week.
  • Q: Now that you’re back shredding again do you have any projects that you’re working on?
  • MIKEY: Yes!! I’ve been slowly getting back to filming and getting in the groove. Filming as I go.. I’m still being cautious to jump down stuff and just trying to re-learn and strengthen my knee, just to get it back to full 100% confidence. So far I’m feeling great! I’m filming for two parts - one for Mini Logo/ Bones and one for Osiris.
  • Q: You’re living in Orange County these days.. what’s the difference between San Luis Obispo and your new area?
  • MIKEY: For starters the spots! LA is 40-50 mins away and OC has plenty of cities as well. SLO is beautiful but over time I craved more options and just more of a city vibe. I like being out of my element and comfort zone. I don’t really like to stay still for too long, so I’m always skating different places and taking advantage of skating spots differently. Also, the area is bigger. In SLO skating is a little more accepted now due to its recent popularity, but growing up there skaters were a target, due to the fact that there’s never really anything for the cops to do and unfortunately a lot of people would go out of their way to stop our fun. It’s a lot different down south as people get hyped, watch and ask who you are and how long you’ve been skating and such, they embrace it! Random strangers in the city have shown me more kindest and respect than some of the people in my own home town.
  • Q: What’s your favorite thing about riding for Mini Logo?
  • MIKEY: When I started skating my brother Justin “Jarvis” Weber taught me “BONES.. you ride Bones..... wheels , bushings, bearings - because they are the best. So I did and quickly learned why. I couldn’t afford to buy name brand decks because of how quick I went through them, so I used to buy Mini Logo! I loved them and that’s all I rode until Skate Warehouse started making shop decks. Being a part of Mini Logo and Skate One is such an honor... The history and influence they have on skateboarding is so important and I’m very blessed to be part of the family. Mini Logo truly cares about skateboarding and it’s influence on the world!
  • Q: If you have one word of advice to give to the people reading this what would it be?
  • MIKEY: That’s tough, I feel that I still have a lot to learn! One word.... appreciate, appreciate what you have. You don’t need 300+ likes to validate what you have, if someone supports you and you have the tools, keep it up and move straight ahead.
  • Q: To wrap things up do you have any shout outs or thank you’s?
  • MIKEY: Wow, so many! The list of names is so big these days since I’ve had so many influences and impacts. EVERYONE at Skate One!! Especially Mike Fullington.. Number one reason I am here.. Michael and Micalah Furukawa. Rob Washburn, Vern Laird, Justin Dougherty, Amon, Dave, Stefan and the whole Skate Warehouse crew, Osiris, Adam Goeglein of Silverbackskate, Duncan and Kris for saving my knee and helping my recovery process with The Cream! Stuff is the real deal! All the SLOcals that still show me love and support, you guys rule! RIP Oscar Gonzalez OG..... when you passed I promised you I’d skate twice as hard for you ... Love you dude. My Mom and Dad for always being a positive light in my life and for being there for everything! And of course my brother Justin “Jarvis” Weber, the reason why I ever picked up a skateboard. He taught me what skating should look like and has and always will be my favorite skater.

FS Noseblunt Slide

BS Boneless