There was a lot going on in politics, sports and weather...not to mention, the idea of being "social" would impact the way we all live our lives for decades to come!


Remember WMD's?  Doesn't really matter because there were no such Weapons of Mass Destruction ever found!

I wonder what would have happened if the guy on the left won?  Perhaps the gas prices on the right might have stayed a bit more managable.



Perhaps Mother Nature was trying to wake us up in 2004 as she uleashed her wrath!  Does anyone remember Hurricane Ivan from 2004?  He left a large path of destruction which included leveling the the island of Grenada as it packed 130 MPH winds and headed toward mainland USA.


Two American "Icons" busted out in 2004.  

Lance "won" his 6th Tour De France and Martha Stewart's new favorite color was orange!


Does everyone know what a Facebook is???  Believe it or not, it all started in 2004 at Harvard Universtity with a student named Mark...



SKATE ONE CORP. Catalog Covers 2004


Spring 2004 Cover (left to right): Captain EO, Pat Channita, Tyler Hansen, Silas Baxter-Neil, Rodney Jones, Aaron Perko, CAB, The Furukawa & George Powell 

(Summer 2004 Catalog Cover - Danny Wainwright)


New colors for Mini Logo and SuperLight decks were introduced, wheels and bearings remained unchanged from 2003.  The big thing was the introduction of Mini Logo Completes.  Everything Mini Logo except for Wooster Griptape and Tracker Trucks!




WOW - I can't believe all of this happened a DECADE ago!I wonder what went on in the last 10 years?  Join me for the next installment of Mini Logo's History of MILITANTs where I dive into 2005!