Philadelphia was BLOWING up and LOVE Park was taking over...where were you skating in 1998?



(Cover Shot: Giorgio Zattoni)


Geroge Powell talks Powell Deck Pricing & Construction in GAP NOTES.  

At the time there were Powell Street and Bones Brigade Pro decks, Powell Mini-Logo Pro decks and Powell Mini-Logo Price Point decks!  The addition of the Powell Mini-Logo Pro decks added another layer in the discussion about price-point Powell Mini Logo decks vs. Pro-Models.  Now there were Pro decks, Mini-Logo Prod decks and Mini Logo Price Point decks available and EVERYONE wanted to voice there opinions on what might happen to the industry because of it...



Wait, what was that???  Powell Mini-Logo Pro decks???  Yup, in 98' Mini Logo did have pro's...kind of.  Each Powell Skateboards Pro also had a less expensive version of there pro model graphic, but on a MINI LOGO Deck!  Check out how stoked Cabbie, Jason Ellis, and Andy Mac were on there Mini Logo Pro Decks!



Powell Mini Logo Decks got a new "graphic" in 1998.  The Powell Tripple P logo stretched across the back truck block of the board and Mini Logo Wheels got some new colors of in 97a!  Funny, the new colors in 1998 are the same colors that were introuduced as new in 2013 (minus the orange)!



Class dismissed!  Next week we move onto 1999!

Thanks for getting educated and getting MILITANT!