2002 was an interesting year for the world and for me. It felt like every morning you would wake up, turn on the radio (yes, we still listened to the radio in 2002) and more bad news would be thrown at you.  At least we all had skateboarding to help up forget about how crazy the world was at the time.

Philly was now in the rear view mirror for me as I made my first pilgrimage across country to Santa Barbara for my first job at Skate One.  A huge change for this kid from NJ!


Skateboarding was in it's HAMMER stage as Transworld announced there All-Handrail Team.


All-Handrail Team Starting five:

Jamie Thomas (50 votes)

Arto Saari (40 votes)

Geoff Rowley (36 votes)

Chad Muska (35 votes)

Eric Koston (35 votes)



ES was on top of the skate shoe game and technolgy was all about impact absorption.




Mini Logo 2002

Mini Logo decks and wheels were going off in 2002!  I had just started with Skate One and we could not keep decks in stock. They were so popular that shops would even take "blem" decks at a slight discount just to make sure they had them in the store!  It was a sign of the times with what was happening in the world and the economy.

(Skate One Spring 2002 Catalog) 




Summer 2002 saw the introduction of Mini Logo Bearings!  Produced in the same facrtory as Bones but at an AMAZING PRICE!  Yeah, I sold a TON of Mini Logo bearings when they first came out!

(Skate One Summer 2002 Catalog)



Heading into Fall/Winter 2002 Mini Logo stayed the course, sold even more decks and wheels....and bearings were starting to catch fire!

(Skate One Fall 2002 Catalog) 


There is a quick glimpse at skating and what was going on in the ever evolving world of Mini Logo and Skate One.  

Next up 2003....stay tuned!