By 2001 skateboarding had gained in such popularity, more participants under the age of 18, rode skateboards (10.6 million) than played baseball (8.2 million). This was a good time in skating when small local shops dominated and mall shops were a very small percentage of the industry.  I had just graduated college in Philly and took over the management and buying duties for Final Boarding Inc. just outside of Philly!

Transworld videos were insane and what everyone talked about, in my opinion the best one came out in 2001..Sight Unseen...if you haven't seen Kirchart's section in this video you are NOT a skateboarder.  Nights in White Satin!!!



 Skate One & Mini Logo in 2001

So what was up with Skate One and Mini Logo in 2001?  Well the first thing was that the Skate One Magazine and Skate One Product Catalogs were now seperate entities!  The Product Catlaog was just that, nothing but product.  The Skate One Magazine was full of advertizinf from other brands as well as team news, basic training trick tips, ramp buliding plans, GAP Notes, Ellis Thory and AM news. 

Spring 2001

(Product Catalog and Magazine)

(Jason Ellis with his ELLIS THEORY Article.....check the title!)

(Caswell Berry is AM for Powell!)

  (Spring 2001 Mini Logo Deck Offering)


(Spring 2001 Mini Logo S1, S2 and S3 wheels....3 cuts in 3 duro's!)


Summer 2001

BONES Hardcore Bushings were starting to make waves and GAP made sure to have some notes in the Summer 2001  Magazine letting skaters know why they were so good!  Comer tricked us out and The Slam City Jam was THE CONTEST to make a name at!


(Comer getting TRICKY!)

(Slam City Jam)

 (Mini Logo Product Offering)



With that, 2001 is done!

What went down in will have to wait for VOL#7: 2002 to drop in the next few weeks!