Does anyone remember VHS players?  In 2000, VHS was still the dominanat format and 411VM was the

video "bible" for skateboarding. 

 The last team video for Bones Bearings dropped in 2000 as well...has it really been 13 years?


In Spring 2000 Powell Skateboards became Skate One Corp. The Powell and Bones Bridage Team Zines got combined with the latest product offering to create the SKATE ONE Magazine/Product Catalog for Srping 2000. The front half of the magazine was full of fun, team news, ramp plans, GAP Notes, etc and the back half was printed up-side-down and showcased ever product Skate One was manufacturing.  

(SkateOne Magazine - Spring 2000 Front "Covers" - Pat Channita)


               Andy Mac launched 52' 10" for a new world record and Angle Boy Comics strips appeared...


"Powell" Mini Logo had a small, 1/2 page product spread



Fall 2000 saw the "team" side of the magazing come to an end and it just turned into a fold-out product catalog.

(SkateOne Magazine - Fall 2000 "Cover" - Pat Channita once again)

Check out who Skate One was dsitrbuiting in 2000 as well....Independent, Tracker and ORION TRUCKS!  WEIRD!

"Powell" Mini Logo had a good amount of real esate in the fold-out catalog.

Check out all the SHAPES and CONCAVES "Powell" Mini Logo Decks were offered in! 


"Powell" Mini Logo Wheels now had 2 cuts.  

The original shape of S-1 in 97 a and the NEW S-2 Shape in 99a which was a thinner wheel for street skating.



That sums up 2000 for "Powell" Mini Logo...what would happen in 2001?  YOu will have to wait for VOL#6 to drop in the next few weeks.