2003 saw some major video drops from Girl, Flip, Habitiat, Emerica and DC.  I wore out my VHS copy of YEAH RIGHT!  

These videos still influence things today more than 10 years later.  If you have the chance to watch any of these, do it.  REPEATEDLY!







Mini Logo pushed the envelope in light wieght construction by introducing the new line of SUPERLIGHT Decks.  This marks the first time high-end technology was trickled down into a price point product.  

10% lighter than regular Mini Logo Decks!  

Check the details below.  Did you ever skate one?


Other than the SUPERLIGHT Decks, Mini Logo Products stayed the course in 2003 offering decks, bearings and wheels...


                                  (Summer 2003 Catalog)                                                  (Fall 2003 Catalog)



                                                  (Deck Specs)                              (Why ML Bearings are so Good)

Mini Logo Wheels did get a graphic update in Fall 2003.  They evloved from "swirls" to "rings".  The number of "rings" around the wheel helped determine which cut the wheel was.  S-1 cut wheels had one ring, S-3 cut wheels had 3 and so on...


                              (Summer 2003 Wheels)                                                    (Fall 2003 Wheels)


The wraps things up for 2003.  Stay tuned for the next instalment of the HISTORY of MILITANTS where we talk 2004 and the inception of GO SKATE DAY!

See you in 2004,