THE biggest thing to happen in 2007 was the introduction of something that impacted ALL of our lives and kicked off the social media monster.  Steve Jobs introduced the first iphone in January 2007.

The revolution began when they were available for sale in June.

The baseball homerun record was "shattered" and the *asterisk became famous!  756 balls is a lot to hit over a fence!

Does anyone remember Jason Lewis?  He tackled being the 1st person to circumnavigate the globe using only human power!  NUTS!


Finally 2007 ened by crowning a new king of skateboarding.  SOTY 2007: Marc Johnson.




Not too much change from Fall 2006 to Spring 2007 in the Skate One Catalog for Mini Logo.  

Same product offering with the same graphcis and colors.  Fall 2007 saw new wheel graphics and a lot of attention brough to wheel shapes.

(SPRING 2007)



(FALL 2007)


New Mini Logo "Multi" Wheel Graphic and a focus on shape.  S1, S2, S3.




That wraps up 2007.  Next installment of The History of MILITANTs in a few short weeks.  2008 here we come!