A lot of FIRSTS happened in 2005...

.  A lot of tours and contest series were happening in 2005.  Tony Hawk embarked on his first Boom-Boom Huck Jam and does anyone remember the Gravity Games?  What about X-Games Dubai?



 Chris Cole won his first S.O.T.Y and got an important call from Jake Phelps!


Transworld released a video that is in my top 10 of all time.  FIRST LOVE.  Perfect name and perfect video to get HYPED to before going skating.


 It's kInd of hard to believe that YOU TUBE was introduced in 2005.  For more than 9 years kids have been uploading videos and sending the link to their favorite skate companies top try and get "sponsored."  Some things will NEVER change. 

Finally, the weather had a huge impact on life.  Hurricane Katrina LEVELED the Gulf Coast and Kayne let us know how he felt about "things"...although I don't think Mike Meyers agreed.




SKATE ONE & MINI LOGO Catalogs 2005

The Skate One Catalog got broken up a bit in 2005.  Each brand had their own individual catalog that combined to make the entire Skate One offering for 2005.


(Skate One Corp. and Mini Logo Catalog Covers Spring 2005)


(Skate One Corp. and Mini Logo Catalog Covers Fall 2005)

Mini Logo product was much the same Spring to Fall 2005.  Mini Logo decks, Super Light decks, wheels, bearings, grip, bolts, completes and trucks were all offered.  WAIT...what?  Mini Logo Trucks in 2005?  Yes and No.  Skate One developed a price point truck with absolutely no branding on it.  It didn't really have a "home" at the time so the decision was made to make it a Mini Logo product.  The Mini Logo trucks of today were developed specifically for Mini Logo and are light years ahead of the 2005 model!



Thank you for haning out and reminising a bit about 2005.  History of MILITANTS - Vol.#11: 2006 will be coming at you in the next few weeks.