The Official MILITANTS that jumped in the car with me Saturday morning to head up to OneWay from Santa Barbara changed slightly at the last minute, but regardless the OFFICIALs held there own against 6 other teams that were throwing down some SERIOIUS hammers!

(Left to Right: Naren-MILITANT Support, Mikey Weber-Official MILITANT #1, Meeks-MILITANT Support, Griffin-C.O.S)

In the end the Official MILITANT Team didn't make the finals, BUT the Church Of Skatan (GO SB!!!!!!) crew CRUSHED it and made it through. C.O.S put forth a valiant effort but the Krew/Supra Flow Team from LA handled business in there final runs and took home 1000 DOLLHAIRS!!

Great event, great homies, great park, great shop, great way to spread the MILITANT MOVEMENT!!!