Ripstop won’t Stop!
New Army Green Ripstop Chevron Snapback Caps are here! Read More


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MILITANTS making Osiris moves!
Congrats to the chosen few Official MILITANTs now laced up with Osiris Shoes! Read More
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All Mikey Weber KNEEDs
Official MILITANT #1 - Mikey Weber - All I Kneed video part! Read More
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“I really like the Mini Logo boards. This is my 2nd board and im gonna stick with them. I like that they are very good quality and inexpensive. They can hold up on stairs, ledges and rails good. Keep up the good work.”

— Michael Ucciferri

“Mini logos are amazing!. Best concave,size,shape,etc. The decks are perfect.I love em. Permanant usage.”

— Danny Nguyen
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