You Complete Me!

You Complete Me!

December 8, 2021

New Mini Logo Pattern Series Completes are here! Read More
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Powell-Peralta AM for Mini Logo Trucks!
Powell-Peralta Amateur skater, Zach Doelling, has ridden a lot of trucks over the years. The past two he's been ripping Mini Logos! Read More
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The New Patterns got POP!
Just try not to look at the New Pattern Series! Read More
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“I just go my Mini Logo today. It's 7.5 and I want to say if you like a middle size deck get 7.5.”

— steve rizun

“Your boards are high quality and inexpensive. I have been rocking a red MiniLogo deck with some thunder trucks, iron horse hardware, lucky bearings,and MiniLogo wheels. I skate all the time and have convinced a few skaters to pick up one. Great products guys!”

— Nick Blake
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