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i just bought a new Mini Logo deck havnt used it yet but i used to have one and they a fantastic boards and i will most proberbly buy Mini Logo everytime i need a new deck...they a light, cheap and strong

— mardy

my board started to chip and i needed a new board and i went to a skate shop they were the cheepest things there so i got one and no i LOVE THEM.

— jusitin

Same or better shape and durablity as ANY pro deck, for 20$ less, an idiot proof decision. I love Mini Logos

— Juice

Ive had a Mini Logo maroon deck for 2 weeks and it is GOOOD! It is durable as I land on the tail a lot but no cracks. It has intense pop, good shape.

— John Lake

Great skateboard. For anyone who is considering buying a mini-logo, do it! These boards have great pop, are light, don't easily chip or break, and have a great price. The shape is great too.

— Walker Smith

I bought a Mini Logo yesturday and i love it, it has great pop and you guys offer so many different shapes so i can always find my size. I just wish that you guys made the k12 hella concave in wider sizes like 8.25 or 8.5 but other than that keep it up!!!

— Kendall Noel

these wheels are amazazing, got the 54mm 101 duro there still really smooth after a million berts and power slide

— Karen Bannick

See, Mini Logo is cool because there are no graphics to worry about. I've been afraid to do tricks because of messing up the design, but now i don't. Plus, i can draw stuff or put on more stickers. SKATE OR DIE!

— Lucian Y.

Mini logos are just as good as any pro deck for half the price!!! The only thing people might complaint about is the fact that they don't really have a graphic..but who needs one!

— Hector Zavala

Mini Logo are the best deck i have ever rode! i had a almost uber light and it flexed and snapped after i did a tre-flip it snapped in 2 places, i landed on the tail and the middel of the board. and when i did the same to a mini-logo board. nothing happned to it. THERE STIFF!!!

— Devon Lethbridge


Mini logos are amazing!. Best concave,size,shape,etc. The decks are perfect.I love em. Permanant usage.

— Danny Nguyen

my big brother got me a Mini Logo deck last year and I still have it.it was old when i got it and this deck has lasted longer than any deck I had

— caleb

I love mini-logo it was the first board i landed a kickflip on and ollie down stairs and still hasn't broke!

— Chris G

Mini logo rocks, great pop. highly recomended

— john

a new vans store opened up in my local mall and they sell Mini Logos for 30 bucks, its a deal, i get 2 every time i need new boards. sick quality and sick pop

— ben torres

love em good price nice pop

— Trent

amazing i skated them fer four years havnt stopped

— dougal Watson

Mini Logo boards are extreme

— rodney Wong

man these boards are sooo good.the last long and have good pop!

— jazen

Items 161-180 of 398

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