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I LOVE minilogo. top grade decks, wheels, ect. At a affordable price.

— Sonny

These are the best boards not only they gotta lot of pop it was a cheap price board that's like a bonus.

— derrike “HITOP”

I just bought a minilogo lastnight for 40 bucks and i thought it wasnt gonna be that good but i was wrong 6 layers but the thickness of 7 its like the flip p2's i highly recomand this to anybody who wants to buy

— eddie orlowicz

mini-logo is has the best skate boards ever.....period!!!!

— corey

i luv u guys boards there really good i wish more people skated them cant wait to get another one they last pretty well too. lot of pop and good size variety i ride an 8.2-8.4 good size the on i bought was amazing

— tremaine bryson

These are hands down the best decks I've ever riden. I don't need wax they just slide pretty much automatically and if I do need wax its just a little bit. My dad ran one over backing out of the driveway and it didn't even snap. These decks are all I ride AND they mad cheap.

— Shane “Bubby” Powell

The bearings are nice, they roll fast!

— Praditya Sondy

Ever since I bought my first mini logo, I haven't purchased a different brand of deck. Whats the point of spending twice the money on a deck, that performs the same, and will last just as long. Mini logos are the only decks that make sense to ride.

— Joey Niepokoj

I like how they are cheaper than pro decks, and last as long as a pro deck.

— Thomas Gorrono

nice deck i love it

— joshua wilson

just got a blue one today 7.6, one the best decks i ever owned, i tried all other pro brands and no other pops and has perfect shape than this one, thanks Mini Logo!

— Dustin Waters

best wheels ever!!!

— I love

just built a board recently haven't skated in about 5 years and am ready to get back into it. I ended up getting the mini-logo deck because its fairly cheap and this things got some pop to it, definitely impressed.

— Ron

i like the mellow concave it makes controlling the flip in or flip out of tailslide and grinds easier. overall they have decent pop but good.. i learnt switch back tail on a Mini Logo.

— mathew

Mini Logo boards are so much better than the other blank boards that I have bought. Mini Logo skateboards are like pro boards and to me but even better.

— Ethan Xu

just bought one cant wait to try it out

I have been skating off and on since 99 and I always come back to Mini Logo. Keep it up SOC.

— Big Bill

Wow i love my ML. i have the green one, and it has so much pop, its incredible. ive learned how to tre and varial kick with this board. i love them :)

— kevin

I really like the way it skates.

— john taylor

Mini logos rule almost every skater in elmwood park skates Mini Logos

— stan

Items 121-140 of 388

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