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i have broken plenty of decks over the years and ridden everything from shop signatures to expensive pro decks to cheap ones as well.... i just can't get this thing to break..... it has incredible amounts of pop months later and has held up incredibly on nose slides and others.... paint is durable and the deck is amazing .... its the only thing i skate now.... i ended up giving away my old deck

— fender “bender” sanders

I usually go through boards about every two weeks. So i decided to buy a cheaper board (Mini Logo) to save money. But to my surprise, it was the best board i have ever skated...Mini logo performance leaves all other companies in the dust. ML 4 LIFE

— Noah

I skate a Mini Logo right now and it's my first one. Its a super cheap board and it has unbelievable pop.I love the deck.

— Nick “Nick the shredder” Stasio

I just purchased a black 8x31 inch, black mini-logo skateboard. I also purchased another well respected pro board (won't name) and I have to say, the mini-logo is superior so far. I haven't skated in about 7 years and I just hopped on my mini-logo about two hours ago and popped 3 and 4 foot ollies with no problem. Mini-logos have AMAZING pop, a very well done paint job, and clean, well laminated wood.

— Ryan

yo dood mini logo is ehh so sick ehh. Sorry dude my terettes type. I cant control them dude ehh. but luckely yoour boards make me happy ehh.

— jude “young terret” obieter

I love these boards! I've skated a lot of decks in my life. And the Mini Logo decks are the best. By Far.

— Adam Reed

I work at a skateshop/skatepark, and I didn't want any of the boards we had and the boss is on vacation so I took a chance and got a mini logo because I used to buy them when I was younger, you can't go wrong with Powell" if I was going to buy a blank... and I was right

— jack “jack james” James, Sessions Skatepark

Great pop. Lasts long. End of story.

— Austin “Sunshine” Lindsey

The first deck I ever purchased was a Mini Logo. I've been skating for about 7 years now and I've experimented with multiple other companies. The price of a Mini Logo is unbeatable and in all honesty the quality is unbeatable as well. I'm going to keep riding Mini Logo forever and yes forever because I know in heaven I'll still be shredding Mini Logos

— Sam

I teach skateboarding during the summmers and work at west 49 and I have to say that nothing beats the concave and pop of a fresh mini logo deck keep it up guys

— Chris Frauts, City of Mississauga

i've skating for about 5 years and after trying a lot of decks from other brands i decided to get a mini logo k12 112. when i got it, i could inmediately feel the awesome shape and concave it has. the pop is amazing, now i can do my tricks a lot more easier with this deck! get one!

— d “die”

hey guys, i picked one of your boards recently due to lack of cash, and i gotta say i didnt expect your boards to be so shredable, i now only rip on a mini logo. thanks dudes

— cory vondracek

why would u buy another deck? mini logo is better then more then half of the pro decks for half the price. mini logo forever

— seth “cuddles”

I've been skating Mini-Logo boards for about 9 years now; I'll never buy anything else. Even ML brand bearings, wheels and risers are fantastic. Great product for a great price!

— Joshua “Josh” Hertel, DIRECTV

hey, ive skated for 12 years and only ride mini logo, its the best and toughest,and the cheapest board i have ever ridden.roughly 30 dollars for a board that lasts almost a year, thats pretty good. well thank you for an awsome board and you always have my support. im going out to get another one right now, so keep em coming.

— gerard brown

Mini Logo has been the only board that I'v fully purchased, and no other board kept a tail and cocave so intact for so long even after 2 1/2 months of skating that board. THANKS MINI LOGO!

— John Bennett

Wow you guys have awesome boards the concave and pop is amazing! I'm hooked!

— Ben

I have been riding mini logo bearings since I got my first board 4 years ago, ever since Ive only had to buy one new pair, I just washed my new one today and now I feel like im riding a cloud.

— Tyler “ChromeDome” Copeland

I love my mini logo. It's been the cheapest and the best deck i've had yet. It has great pop and comes in so many different sizes!

— rob “tater salad” maricelli, not sure yet

Hello guys! I just wanted to tell you that you make some great boards for chump change! I bought an 8 inch deck of yours. I can do flips a lot easier with the K-12 concave and it has twice as much pop as my friend's Almost! I picked mine up for 25 bucks (talk about CHEAP!) and just figured they have amazing pop, flip easily and are just nice.

— Cole “That One Skater Punk (as called by an old shopkeeper)” H., I'm only 14!

Items 101-120 of 398

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