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I usually go through boards about every two weeks. So i decided to buy a cheaper board (Mini Logo) to save money. But to my surprise, it was the best board i have ever skated...Mini logo performance leaves all other companies in the dust. ML 4 LIFE

— Noah

I skate a Mini Logo right now and it's my first one. Its a super cheap board and it has unbelievable pop.I love the deck.

— Nick “Nick the shredder” Stasio

I just purchased a black 8x31 inch, black mini-logo skateboard. I also purchased another well respected pro board (won't name) and I have to say, the mini-logo is superior so far. I haven't skated in about 7 years and I just hopped on my mini-logo about two hours ago and popped 3 and 4 foot ollies with no problem. Mini-logos have AMAZING pop, a very well done paint job, and clean, well laminated wood.

— Ryan

yo dood mini logo is ehh so sick ehh. Sorry dude my terettes type. I cant control them dude ehh. but luckely yoour boards make me happy ehh.

— jude “young terret” obieter

I love these boards! I've skated a lot of decks in my life. And the Mini Logo decks are the best. By Far.

— Adam Reed

I work at a skateshop/skatepark, and I didn't want any of the boards we had and the boss is on vacation so I took a chance and got a mini logo because I used to buy them when I was younger, you can't go wrong with Powell" if I was going to buy a blank... and I was right

— jack “jack james” James, Sessions Skatepark

Great pop. Lasts long. End of story.

— Austin “Sunshine” Lindsey

The first deck I ever purchased was a Mini Logo. I've been skating for about 7 years now and I've experimented with multiple other companies. The price of a Mini Logo is unbeatable and in all honesty the quality is unbeatable as well. I'm going to keep riding Mini Logo forever and yes forever because I know in heaven I'll still be shredding Mini Logos

— Sam

I teach skateboarding during the summmers and work at west 49 and I have to say that nothing beats the concave and pop of a fresh mini logo deck keep it up guys

— Chris Frauts, City of Mississauga

i've skating for about 5 years and after trying a lot of decks from other brands i decided to get a mini logo k12 112. when i got it, i could inmediately feel the awesome shape and concave it has. the pop is amazing, now i can do my tricks a lot more easier with this deck! get one!

— d “die”

hey guys, i picked one of your boards recently due to lack of cash, and i gotta say i didnt expect your boards to be so shredable, i now only rip on a mini logo. thanks dudes

— cory vondracek

why would u buy another deck? mini logo is better then more then half of the pro decks for half the price. mini logo forever

— seth “cuddles”

I've been skating Mini-Logo boards for about 9 years now; I'll never buy anything else. Even ML brand bearings, wheels and risers are fantastic. Great product for a great price!

— Joshua “Josh” Hertel, DIRECTV

hey, ive skated for 12 years and only ride mini logo, its the best and toughest,and the cheapest board i have ever ridden.roughly 30 dollars for a board that lasts almost a year, thats pretty good. well thank you for an awsome board and you always have my support. im going out to get another one right now, so keep em coming.

— gerard brown

Mini Logo has been the only board that I'v fully purchased, and no other board kept a tail and cocave so intact for so long even after 2 1/2 months of skating that board. THANKS MINI LOGO!

— John Bennett

Wow you guys have awesome boards the concave and pop is amazing! I'm hooked!

— Ben

I have been riding mini logo bearings since I got my first board 4 years ago, ever since Ive only had to buy one new pair, I just washed my new one today and now I feel like im riding a cloud.

— Tyler “ChromeDome” Copeland

I love my mini logo. It's been the cheapest and the best deck i've had yet. It has great pop and comes in so many different sizes!

— rob “tater salad” maricelli, not sure yet

Hello guys! I just wanted to tell you that you make some great boards for chump change! I bought an 8 inch deck of yours. I can do flips a lot easier with the K-12 concave and it has twice as much pop as my friend's Almost! I picked mine up for 25 bucks (talk about CHEAP!) and just figured they have amazing pop, flip easily and are just nice.

— Cole “That One Skater Punk (as called by an old shopkeeper)” H., I'm only 14!

buy a mini logo and i guarante that it will last longer than any pro deck and it is half the price,and plus its made buy powell the best board company ever!!

— dylan

Items 101-120 of 397

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