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me and all my friends skate Mini Logo. one of my friends tried to double flip down a loading dock and he landed in the middle of his board and the middle touched the ground and didnt break and didnt crack. to me Mini Logo is the best skateboard i ever skated.

— joey

i love Mini Logos...they are so light i started skateboarding when i was 11 and now i am 14 and thats all i bought for the last three years and i love them to death and thats all i would skate and i think Mini Logo should make a team .... tearing up the hbg..

— Trevor Harner

ya its pretty much AWESOME

— Gordo

I bought a Mini Logo board,it has the perfect shape,pop is good and concave is the best for me. I love it.

— Andreas Talpsepp

I will never ride another board besides a Mini Logo. So smooth with great pop and style. You had me at mini.

— Taylor Jones

It's one of the best skateboards I've ever had. Fast as lightning, good for practicing.

— Tarek Torgrimsen

yea dude these are great the are long lasting great pops i learned alot of tricks from this board. last me long time gonna get me another one of these. lasted me 6 months and im hardcore !

— herrison .p

Just got my first Mini Logo and it's great, and I had enough for new kicks after buying it!

— Danny

I've bought lots of decks these past 3 years from all sorts of companies but Mini Logos are by far the best in terms of shape, weight, structure and quality. Thanks for making such great and affordable products!

— Raymond R

Mini-logo decks are everything you need to skate well. diffrent sizes and specs. for all types of skaters. great concave that and amazing pop. mini-logo is a BANG for your Buck

— Carlos P

One of my Friends let me Test Drive His Mini Logo Since I heard such Exelent comments about it and wanted to try them out. As soon as I jumped On I felt An Imediate Difference from other boards, I tried to varial Kickflip and I landed Perfectly, after that I was Hooked. never have I Seen a Deck so Obediant and strong. Im Deffinatly going to Get a Mini Logo in the Near Future. Five Stars.

— David A.

This is very good deck.

— Michał Radecki

I bought a cheap deck that was really heavy and I couldn't pop an ollie very high. I tried my friends Mini-Logo and I ollied so much higher! Mini-Logo decks are the best!

— George Green

well...were to start.i bought a Mini Logo and 4 weeks after i got it i tried to burn it with a cutting tourch...and after i did that i jumped on the middle as hard as i could and it didnt break so....only 2 words for that!HOLY SPIT!

— mike D.

I started skating with Mini Logo nearly 9 years ago and I'm still sure that it was one of the best decks I've ever had!!! It's the right board for everyone who want's to skate for real and doesn't need a cool" graphic on the deck. Very good quality

— Tobias

i love to skate i fell so free when i am skating like i cant be tuched

— ronnie reynolds

My first Mini Logo board was AWSOME!and it still is. from now on, Mini Logo is my homie!

— Nick Capra

my name is chris gates i live in a little town of thorp wi. i just bought a Mini Logo and its very easy to ollie. it looks great and rides great to. thanks a lot for the great board!

— chris

I bought another Mini Logo deck yesterday after my previous A_____ broke on a loading dock.. I slapped my Grind Kings on it and I skated like I skated with my previous Mini Logo. I felt my heelflips return to me with the gift of extra height. My 360 flips were back to the way I love them. The SST affected me in a way that is good, because my rail is an unwaxed rustbucket and this baby just helped me zip right along it on slides.

— Brett Gergulich

Ive been skating for about a year, i started on a walmart board, then went to flip. i remember saying thati would only use flip...then i broke it. my friend was with me, and had a brand new Mini Logo deck in his room that he bought a year ago. i bought it from him for 30$, and now Mini Logo is all i skate.

— TC

Items 201-220 of 383

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