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Mini Logo's are the best boards there are. I had my last Mini Logo for 5 months and I skated nearly every day but it was gettin chipped up so I bought a new brand name board and I only had it for 3 months and have only been skating like once a week kuz of the season and the tail just snapped on me while I was doin a heelflip flat ground. I've never broken a board on a flatground trick, that was a first for me.

— D Morales

That there Mini Logo company seems pretty good. I had a few of them ol boards myself, have pretty good pop.

— michael johnson

these decks r awessome! i ride a S____ D____ right now, but once i get the dough, i'm buying another Mini Logo

— Ben Ogle

man Mini Logo boards are the best boards ive ever riden they last really long and easy to do tricks on definetly reccomended them.

— James

i was sick of buying expensive boards so i got a mini.. theY'RE great they are very light and easy to do tricks with

— Nick

Best Yet!! sticking to Mini Logo

— Pieter Smit

I will never ride anything else. Thanks for keepin it real ML

— John Paul

man youre skate decks are the best i purchased one a few days back and its the best skateboard iv ever ridin it has the greatest pop. u guys rooooooccccckkk

— Wiliam

The sales rep at Sun & Ski Sports uses a Mini Logo board and he had nothing but great things to say about it. For the sales person not to recommend the most expensive board in the store but rather a product becuase of its quality is a great endorsment. I am sure my son will be pleased.

— Will Monti

I had not skated in about 15 years and when I wanted to get back into it I didnt want to go broke getting a complete. I had never heard of Mini Logo when I stepped in my local skateshop. That board lasted me almost two years and I loved yall ever since.

— Jay

Mini Logos rock.With this board I cAn ollie higher than ever before.ML 4 life.


I have been riding mini-logo decks for about 5 years now. Definitely the longest lasting and best shape i've ever had out of a board. thanx for such an awesome board at a great price!

— Shane Clack

these boards are nice ...perfect shape and pop

— mike

its agreat board i have a koncave11 its red with some thundersgood/bones black good/ reds good/ landed a 2 blok on it ITS A GOOD BOARD

— lance

price, shape, graphics, and plus ive been riding your boards for a year and a half now i love them

— Cyle Cote

i got a new Mini Logo deck.its tight.i can pop an ollie as high as my house now. =]

— jonathan

Mini Logos got the best pop. Period.

— sk8er

the boards are frikin good

— ber

These boards are great very lite and tons of pop.

— jayy

I have a Mini Logo and it is definately the same quality, probably better than pro decks. The Price , quality, and concave beats most of the other decks i have skated…

— Nick

Items 181-200 of 392

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