Mini Logo Complete - 8.25 x 33.5

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BrandMini Logo
Deck Shape34
Deck BottomSST
Deck ConstructionMini Logo™
Deck ConcaveFLAT
Deck Wheelbase24.25"
Deck Length33.5"
Deck Width8.25"
Deck Nose3"
Deck Tail4.5"
Wheel CoreNo
Wheel Diameter54mm
Wheel Width32mm
Wheel Hardness101a
Wheel FormulaMini Logo
Wheel ColorNatural
Wheel Suggested UseStreet
Wheel SurfaceSmooth
Truck Width175mm
Truck MakeTracker


MiniLogo™ Completes are fully assembled, ready to ride skateboards. We choose only our most popular deck shapes and set them up for you with MiniLogo components.


Mini Logo Complete - 8.25 x 33.5

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