Robby Hargreaves LOVES Mini Logo Trucks!
Consistent, responsive, light-weight, durable , curved hanger to lock you into grinds...the reasons Robby LOVES Mini Logo Trucks goes on and on! Read More
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$20.00 Quartermasters!

$20.00 Quartermasters!

January 13, 2017

Grab a Quartermaster deck for $20 before they are all gone! Read More
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Why I Ride Mini Logo Trucks - Mikey Weber
Official MILITANT #1 let’s you know why he has been riding Mini Logo trucks since day one and will not stop! Read More
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“Mini logos are just as good as any pro deck for half the price!!! The only thing people might complaint about is the fact that they don't really have a graphic..but who needs one!”

— Hector Zavala

“Nice pop, control over board. Strong concave.”

— Nik
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